Saturday, 18 April 2009

Style Profile

Sales Advisor for Kirsty Doyle

Best Sartorial advice from your parents?
Embrace individuality. 

Style icons?
Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Ronson, Liverpool.

Describe your personal style...
Comfortable, colourful,  

I build my daily look around?
The music I'm listening to whilst getting ready. Also what I have planned for the day. 

Personal Style quirk?
Travel Souvenirs adapted into your wardrobe. Ghetto gold jewellery. Ironic Fashion.

Favorite designers?
Roberto Cavalli; his tackiness is an inspiration to all! 

Most cherished item?
My Tag watch I got for my 18th birthday, and my Granny's gorgeous silver locket.

Never caught wearing?
White emo pumps. 

Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?
The plaid short. 

Dress to impress who?

Flats or heels?
Flats for the day- trainers mostly though-white Converse, or lace up Vans. My white Minnetonka Moccassins have barely been off my feet since christmas though. 

Favorite stores?
Zara, American Apparel, H+M. 

Your next "must have" purchase?
I'm after a really great pair of chunky heels, or another pair of wedges. I'd love an all in one too.

I skimp when buying ...
Skinny jeans-£8 Primark do the job just fine. White vests.

I splurge on...
Make up, nice tops..

Favorite item of clothing?
Currently my white H+M linen blazer.

Favorite fashion magazines?
Vogue and Teen Vogue

Favorite (style) books?
The Goddess Guide- I think that's what it's called. Also, the Sex and The City: Kiss and Tell Books and Movie book are very inspiring. 

Favorite stylish movies?
Sex and The City!

Favorite vacation spot?
Benicassim, Jamaica, the Maldives and Kenya. 

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?
Tokyou in Ropewalks in Liverpool. 



  1. I love AA, they threaten to embezzle so much of my money so much of the time. I would like a good pair of wedges too. I really enjoyed reading this, lots of fun. x

  2. Yes! Roberto Cavalli is the best! I dug out a Cavalli t shirt the other day from the depths of my wardrobe and it is SO tacky! I love it! I'm going to wear it more often. :) x

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