Sunday, 31 May 2009

Bright Lights Date City

So last night I went out and drank many cans of Red Bull and danced the night away until the early hours of the morning and as I walked home I could hear the birds singing away and I knew it was time to hang up my dancing shoes.
I debuted my hot pink dress/top and it went down a treat. 
Me and the girls partied in Baby Cream, Newz and Mojo. The first two are a bit random for me to go to, but fun none the less. They are these "celebrity" bars, and often featured in Heat magazine! I'm not a frequent visitor to either and I felt much more at home dancing on the tables in Mojo to The Doors, MGMT and The Jam. 
Some of the girls in Liverpool dress amazingly. The effort that goes into their outfits, hair and make up really is incomparable to any other city in England. And whilst we do get a lot of bad press, there is nowhere else who goes makes the effort like our girls. I'm not one to get elaborately dressed like those chicks, but you have to hand it to them, wearing their designer shoes and dresses. These girls are wearing YSL Tributes, and Malene Birger dresses. Like I say, no other city. 

Michaela, Sarah and I in Newz Bar

Me in Mojo being a dope
Me and Michaela in BabyCream
Me in Mojo - how good is the wallpaper?!

So girlies, how was your weekend?! I hope you all had a lovely sunny time. 




  1. I really like your hairstyle and i think you're stunning. Beautiful look!! xxNadia

  2. I love the top...and the fact you made it yourself. Thanks for being a follower

  3. Yeah it was in Garston! My boyfriend does/did Journalism in uni and he was writing a story about a waste plant or something (I can't really remember) around there and so he borrowed my camera and ability to drive and I stumbled across that. I'm originally from Ormskirk but I'm at uni in Liverpool and live at the Railyard on Crown Street.. do you know of it? Are you from Garston then?

    Your dress looks amazing and is mojo the newish one at the top by the blue angel? x

  4. hey gorgeous girlie!

    I know what you mean about the liverpool girls they do get awfully dressed up. I noticed that when I went clubbing in Liverpool a couple of yrs back and also the liverpool accents that came out very loudly of some of the girls in Ibiza. It was more cheap wag than designer babes in Ibiza tho!

    U look cool here! xxx

  5. yoo look greaaat in this beautifull pink dress !
    i love your blog
    i'll be back for sure:)



Much love. x

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