Monday, 25 May 2009


It's a good job I wasn't 13 when this film came out, or I would be some mad new romantic goth. I think my Busted obsession was bad enough...

I've bought about 5 different scarves since being in France, all about €1 each which is always good. I've had them wrapped around my head whilst doing revision, keeping my hair out of my eyes.

French Supermarkets
Boy oh boy do the French love their arts and crafts. There are some lovely little bargains ready to be snapped up for summer loving jewellery diy's.

St. Tropez
I bought two bottles of St. Tropez in TK Maxx in March, for a tenner each and I'm just coming to the end of the second bottle, and I do love it. It is perfect coverage. It simply tans where you apply it. No streaks. Yummy Bronzing.
My mum simply replied, "no" when I told her I've been using a soluble asprin to clean my face as well as using my Clinque bar, but it works a treat! Can't remember whose blog I saw it on, but I thought I'd give it a go, and you can really tell a difference.

Ice Cream
The choice of ice cream in France is unreal. We've had Creme Brulee, Praline, Chocolate Mousse - it was like actual mousse - incroyable. However, it is a not, as it is Benicassim soon and ice cream is no friend of my thighs.

French Supermarkets
Rural France is no fan of high fashion, but I think I spied a suede tassled waistcoat in a shop earlier this week so I may go and buy it tomorrow... Kind of similar to one in the new Kate Moss range.

Though exciting, it also means no TV, and no sunbathing.

Not a NOT but...

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  1. ohh i've been doing the aspirin thing for a while now! i was actually going to post a blog about it a while ago! and my mum's reaction was pretty much the same ha. i use mine as a face mask by mixing it in with olive oil (it feels so yummy), i'll definitely start adding it to my face wash now though! xx

  2. hey you! Hope you had a nice time in France! I am so jealous!!

    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog, I think we should start some tagging to get to know everyone better haha. I'll get on it today! I really should be studying but never mind!!

    Love this wee post. AND OH MY GOD DONT GET ME STARTED ON TWILIGHT! I got it on DVD from america before it came out, it is actually amazing. I am so glad I wasn't 13 either or I would of been obsessed on ridiculous levels!

    love xxxx

  3. I might try the asprin thing - sounds interesting! I'm sure my mum's reaction would be the same. And ice cream doesn't do many any favours either but if the sun is shining it is oh so difficult to resist! There is an ice cream van around here that comes round really late at night too (I swear he's selling a little more than just 99's). Post some of your headscarves! :) x


Much love. x

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