Friday, 22 May 2009


Missing in action, not the Sri Lankan/Cockney singer.

I'm staying in France at my dad's house with him, my mum and my dog until Wednesday, so i've had no chance to post, and i'm only skimming over my favourite blogs.
The weather so far has been lovely. I was sitting under the grape vines this morning learning about the British Monarchy (Yawwn) and it was just lovely, the sun beating down. I had to take my leggings off and just sit with my adidas tennis dress on.

Regarding shopping, i've bought a couple of little bits n bobs, a gold eyeshadow pen, a couple of gorgeous silk scarves for a euro each, a white t shirt to do some more tie dying (omg I so have to put a photo up of my latest success!) and this little crop lace t shirt which is quite similar to the Topshop crochet vest crop top.

I promise some pics are to come.

In other news, if you have me on Facebook or Twitter, then you will already be aware of my obsession with Twilight. I bought the film a week ago, and only watched it on Monday, but since then I haven't taken it out of my Mac. It's amazing. Edward Cullen. Oh my days, he is incredible. I can't wait for the next film to come out! Anyway, on the drive down to the ferry, I bought the Twilight book and the He's Just Not That Into You book, which is hilarious! Love it!

The journey down from Liverpool to Portsmouth was great, smooth sailing, until we got into the queue for the ferry, and my mum's car decided to semi break down, so the guy from Jaguar/Land Rover was called to the queue and semi fixed the car. Until we arrived in France, and we broke down in Caen, bare in mind, my Mum's Jag has only got 5000 miles on the clock, this is not good news. Long story short, we were stuck outside a hotel (which wouldn't let us in because of my dog,) until after Midnight. Arghh what a pain! Finally managed to get a hire car, and it turns out Obama is in the North West of France in a week or so, and that is going to be one of the cars in his convoy! WIN!!

Post to follow with pictures.

Peace ladies, have a great weekend!

P.S I woke up the other night to hear my Dad scream... He'd fallen out of bed! Hirarious!


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