Monday, 29 June 2009

So sorry

I'm still super sorry about lack of posting.

I got a bike last friday, and have not stopped riding it all week. I love it! I've been riding to college and back everyday. Princes Avenue in Liverpool in the sunshine is beautiful! I'm going to have to take a photo of the view I see in the morning when I ride in.
Here's the little princess parked up outside my house. The basket is so cute, and fits everything in. I just park up and take the basket wherever I go!
So Benicassim is just under two weeks away and i've been shopping at every available moment. Bikinis, summer dresses, accessories... Just thinking about the sun makes me smile.

I've ordered this little number from American Apparel, and I'm praying it will come at some point during this week, as in the past the delivery service has been a tad temperamental.

I'm thinking about buying a new pair of Havaianas, but i've already got a pair in dark green, which aren't too pretty. I might get a pair while I'm in Spain as it rings a bell they're a bit cheaper.

I started a new job last week, working as a sales advisor in the maternity/baby store Mamas and Papas. Just a little 8 hours a week, all pennies count ay. Plus it lets me dress up during the day! Smart black high waisted trousers and heels - woop!

I also had tonsillitis over the weekend, which has turned into a really achey neck. I also went to see the neurologist today (my epilepsy specialist) and she said to me that I seem to be doing really well, and I can go back in 9 months for my check up instead of 6. I am so happy!

Also, i'm plugging the adidas originals sale. It's amazing! Last year I bought a pink tennis dress and pink flip flops for like a fiver. Today I got a cream sleeveless tennis dress for £14, woop super cute!

I'm planning on sorting out the camera situation asap. So I apologise again!

I'm off for a little cycle around Sefton Park. Has anybody got an ingenious idea for a hands free kit for my bike? I've been playing music on my iPhone with it stuck in my bra. Hehehe.



  1. Oh my God! I been thinking on getting a bicycle since last winter! It's so annoying, but if I get one, hopefully, Summer will be so much fun!

    and yours' really pretty ^-^

  2. Eee I bet you're so excited for Benicassim! I'm not going there anymore as it was looking to be too expensive but I've going to Germany that same weekend for the 'Melt!' Festival which also looks amazing!

    I'm loving the crop tops after buying a lace one when I finished my exams in May so I'm just gonna hope for warm weather and stock up on a few crop tops from topshop, get some high-waisted shorts and I'll be all set!

    What shoes are you taking to Benicassim? I was thinking gladiator sandals which will be great for the weather buuut what about getting trodden on? I don't fancy wearing wellies but I've been looking at photos from last year on Flickr and it seemed to have rained quite a bit ;/


Much love. x

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