Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A few little questions

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?
My iPhone is permanently attached to me!
2. Favorite Brand of Makeup?
Mac is definitely my chosen, favourite brand of make up. The quality and look of the products is such a selling point. I just love it.
3.Favorite Flower?
Daisies :)
4.Favourite Clothing Store?
I would say I buy most of my clothes from Zara, H+M and American Apparel.
5.Favourite Perfume?
Chanel Chance, and Chance Eau Fraiche
6.Heels or Flats?
During the day I'm mainly in Converse or my moccasins, but at night, the higher the heel the better! I love my chunky tan leather wedges - the most comfy shoes ever.
7.Do you make Good Grades?
I don't make BAD grades. Saying that, I've got an exam in like 3 hours, and I'm sitting here doing this...
8.Favourite colours
Black, purple
9.Do you drink energy drinks?
I drink so much sugar-free Red Bull I'm worried for my heart! And because I don't drink alcohol, i'm normally buzzing from a few cans of Red Bull.
10. Do you drink juice?
Not really, the sugar content in them is just sooo high.
11.Do you like swimming?
Yeh love swimming! Especially on holiday :)
12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
Yeh.. erm, it depends really on how hot they are!?
13. Favourite Moisturiser?
For my face, Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Face Moisturiser or E45, and for my body, a nice Coconut one or a Vaseline Intensive care one.
14.Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yeh I guess so, but I told my boyfriend not to propose to me until he could afford a decent Tiffany ring :) Love you!
15. Do you get mad easily?
I am pretty laid back to be honest, I can never be bothered to get mad.
16.Are you into ghost hunting?
No, but a few of us used to drive round places in Liverpool which were supposed to be scary and freak each other out.
17. Any Phobias?
Spiders aren't my friend. And I have a phobia of going really high on swings.
18.Do you bite your nails?
Not really.
19.Have you ever had a near dealth experience?
When I had my first epileptic seizure I nearly died. But good old mummy came to the rescue :)
20. Do you drink Coffee?
Yeh if i'm trying to concentrate! Plus the caffeine boosts your metabolism.. I think!



  1. Helloo, I'm ur latest follower. Gr8 blog! x

  2. Thanks so much for the linkage! :D
    Is it okay for me to steal this questionaire?


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