Wednesday, 5 August 2009


So I blogged about the Coco Avant Chanel film in one of my early posts, back in February I think, and I've been waiting to see it, and last night, me and some girlfriends watched it in the FACT cinema in Liverpool.

I absolutely loved it.

I adore french cinema, from La Vie en Rose, Belleville Rendez-Vous to La Haine and this was no exception.

It actually reminded me of Edith Piaf's story in La Vie en Rose(even though that story line is supposed to be quite misleading).

The film was so beautiful. Audrey Tatou's portrayal is delicate, but powerful, if that makes sense.

It turns out that Chanel was born in the region of France where my dad lives! Amazing.

So, I've been a bit creative over the past week or so, and been designing some t-shirts.

As my camera was stolen in Benicassim, I had to take these on my iPhone - hence the blur. Also, as you can probably see, there are some marks on the CC t-shirt. This was made as my prototype because of the food marks - dirty girl. I added the dripping marks, as you can see in the image along side it but have't finished it yet. I will be sure to post pictures of it soon.

So I urge you to go see the film, it really is brilliant.


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  1. Wow, great DIY's, hope you post a pic of the finished article!


Much love. x

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