Saturday, 22 August 2009

coffee smells boss in the sun.

A little outfit of the day. Apologies for the rubbish quality. I'm still without camera, so these are all off my phone.

This Topshop dress is supposed to be for my holiday but it's such a nice day outside, I thought i'd give it a little preview of the upcoming Spanish sun it will be worn in.

It's a little short for a day dress, and I'm off out for a bike ride, so I fashioned a pair of cycling shorts out of some leggings I was going to chuck out, so it's a little more respectable.

My mirror in my bedroom is so misleading, it stretches you out so I look a lot longer/slimmer than I actually am.

I was so upset when a boy who I've been to school with since I was 4 told me last night that I am a "big girl" :( I'm like a 10/12. Sad timez.

A little round up of products I am currently favouring this month. Nothing too exciting,

Olay Face Moisturiser - smells so lovely, and gives you a radiant glow.

The bright pink nail varnish I told you about yesterday - W7

Coconut body cream. This stuff is divine. It's a poor man's Body Shop, but it's only £1, so I can't complain.

Mac Mineralize Foundation in NW25. I used to use the Hyper Real, which they discontinued and so far I'm quite liking this in comparison.

Ooh, I also bought a copy of Armani Code perfume, this one is cleverly named, Hidden Code. Apparently this smells exactly like the real thing. Hidden Code from Facial Attractions in Liverpool, £1.95 (y)

And finally, two Mac Pigments I've bought in Cocomotion and Provence.
Dress - Topshop
Leggings - DIY Primark
Shoes - Topshop
Belt - Primark
Necklace - My Granny's
Earrings - H+M



  1. Is this dress light denim sort of material? I haven't seen this one yet in TopShop.

  2. Hey, I think it's just jersey, but it looks denim, but is almost a light acid wash. There's loads of versions of thia dress in different colours. It's so comfy! x

  3. Cool! I've got it in a flower print and plain white, but I'm sad I didn't see this one!


Much love. x

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