Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hair History

Today, for the first time in months, I wore my hair down, and not pinned back. It's almost at a decent length that I can get away with not tying it back. It's really exciting, as I haven't had hair this long in almost two years. It's only just down to my shoulders by the way.. so nothing to brag about.
It got me thinking to past hair do-s and many hair do-nts of my past...

So, this is me at about 3, with my dad, eating a watermelon, as you do.
I have naturally dark red/auburn hair, I really like the colour here, and it's at a similar colour again, 17 years later.

I first got my hair bleached when I was 17 and going into Upper 6th. I was staying at my dad's in France, and went to the hair dressers expecting only to get highlights, but I thought I'd just go for it and get it all blonde. I loved it but felt like I was almost telling a lie to strangers that my hair wasn't that colour. How weird of me.

I can't find a pic of me all blonde, but in about March 2007, I got black under my fringe, and through the back of my hair. I looked like a skunk.
One night I backcombed it all and put it into a mowhawk. It was huge.

So for Prom, I got it put up, and got turquoise put into it, but it rings a bell that the colours washed out pretty quickly..

And the morning after...
So after all this dying, my mum made me get it back to a healthy colour - which brought me back to aurburn.

Then, a few months later, one cold, windy october evening, I found my hair dressing scissors and started chop chop chopping away...

Eek.. I like the cut here, but it was so impractical. Even though it was so short, I had to wash and blow dry it every day because of the state of the back of it every morning. It was such a pain. I kept it like this for about a year and a half, and finally decided to let it grow out, and I am now up to this.

Middle parting, almost down to my shoulders.. I am even considering extensions to give it a little more length

I'm turning this into a tag.
So I tag...

Anybody who wants to do it!



  1. your blog is adorable, loved it

  2. This is such a good idea for a post, a really great insight too. Loving the first pic (watermelon is my favourite fruit!)

  3. Well then Sonia my dear, I shall tag you! x

  4. I LOVE these kinda posts, you get such a cool insight into people's pasts. I know what you mean about Liverpool, my dad is from there and I have visited loads of times. Despite being born in Scotland, it feels like I have Liverpudlian blood in my veins! Like the style of your blog, come check mine out sometime x


Much love. x

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