Monday, 10 August 2009

Where d'ya get yer trainees from?

Liverpool Street Style is a huge influence on my blog. In my opinion, Liverpool has style like no other city. Footwear, especially trainers are an important item in a Scouser’s wardrobe.

Back in the 1980s, when Liverpool Football Club were playing European games, supporters would visit countries like Switzerland and Germany and bring back trainers that were supposed to be a practical running shoe but wore them as a fashion item. Soon enough, the link between sport and fashion grew in Liverpool, and it was imperative to have a decent pair of trainers, and adidas was the most popular brand at the time, and is possibly still the most popular nowadays.

Skating shoes like Vans have also now crossed over from function to fashion.

There is an unquestionable link between music and fashion, and this dates back way before Scallies were bringing back trainers on the rob from Europe.

Concering Sneaker Culture, musicians wearing sneakers influenced the masses. Shoes such as adidas Superstars were seen on RUN DMC, which created a symbolic look for the hip hop scene.

Sticking with rap, The Beastie Boys would wear only adidas Campus in

the early 90s, despite the fact the shoe was originally designed for basketball.

My first pair of trainers was, (like many kids growing up in Liverpool in the 90s), a pair of white Reebok Classics with gold detail. I also used to wear Nike Air Max and also had a pair of Campus. In 2004, I visited Nike Town in New York and bought my first pair of Blazers. I have since purchased Women’s Blazers and low Blazers.

When I was 12 I bought my first pair of Converse All Stars and my first pair of Vans at 15. These are my most worn trainers now, for a classic, simple look.


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