Wednesday, 9 September 2009


So I'm back from my holiday to Spain which was lovely. Highlight being reading New Moon in 2 days - score.

On the way to the airport, I got a call from Clare Rogerson who is the PR Manager for Kirsty Doyle. I've spoken to her before about my blog, and she had some really nice things to say about it, which was pretty nice to hear from somebody who knows pretty much everything about the fashion world at any given time - her knowledge is pretty intimidating, and I'm not just saying that to big her up, it's amazing how much she knows.

Anyway, she called me to tell me her friend Sadie Ann Wilson had been photographed by Rankin and she was allowing me to post the photo. She also said that there are strict rules about publishing photos like this but I was given permission from Shelley Palmer to use it.

Rankin is the photographer behind a lot of the most well known shots in fashion. I was looking at the online portfolio - (here) and I was amazed by the amount of images I knew so well. Going through the photos I was making lists up in my mind of who to mention whose photos he has taken but there are far too many, and significant people will be missed out.

He has shot covers, advertising campaigns, fashion, music... everything.

So a tiny little snapshot of who he has photographed..


He is the co-founder of Dazed and Confused so he has shot plenty of covers for them, and other magazines such as GQ, Q, Playboy, Harpers and Queen, Elle, Vogue.. Again, endless list.

Rankin Live is a project showcasing "British eccentricity and enthusiasm"

Anybody from the age of 13 could get their photograph taken by Rankin, and used in his unique live and interactive exhibition concept.

Lucky entrants were chosen to go to a gallery to be photographed by him, get their hair and make up done, have a glass of wine and watch the others get their photos taken too.

So, Sadie applied to be part of Rankin Live and was lucky enough to be accepted.

Here is how her photo turned out.

Pretty lovely hey. She said that they used a wind machine so her hair could be shown so you could see the green running through it. Little fact for you - Sadie is a Voice Artist. How cool is that.

So after the call from Clare, I was on the plane, opened up my travel issue of Elle Magazine, and who was the photographer? Rankin. The images of Lily Allen and Peter Doherty are brilliant. I've been desperate to do this post all week.

Check out the websites, you'll be amazed at some of the photos.


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  1. I can't see the photo :(

    But yes I'm a big fan of Rankin's work, I have his Visually Hungry collection which I love to leaf through every now and again. I feel there is a lot more to the photos than initially meets the eye. One of my favourites in terms of this kind of symbolism is of the very skinny girl sat huddled in a bare shopping trolley- a very compelling composite of eating disorders (you can tell I was in the midst of my Psychology degree when I got this! Although I suppose all art is subjective and that's what I got from that photo at least).


Much love. x

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