Tuesday, 27 October 2009

So this is pretty exciting news.

A couple of weeks ago twenty twenty television contacted me, via the blog, asking to see if I wanted to be involved in an online series of episodes they do called The Closet. They go out on Bebo, and are usually presented by Jameela Jamil, but I don't think she is involved with my episode; busy lady.

I haven't mentioned much about this because it hasn't actually sunk in that I was asked to do something like this, and I only properly like to talk about something when it's actually happening, or actually happened. Get me?

So this is the outfit I'm planning on wearing. No doubt you guys are sick sick sick to death of that bloodychristopherkanetshirt I seem to be wearing ineverysinglephotorecently.

Well it was the only thing I could afford when the range came out - I actually bought it using the money my mum left me and my brother for food when she went on holiday - heehee. Plus, it's cool.

I just thought I'd try to express my style within the space of about 10 minutes; pretty relaxed, with a slight edge I guess. Fur hat, Vans, ghetto gold earrings and a leather jacket and I'm good to go.

Hope it looks ok though on screen.. Eek.
So, if you are out and about in Liverpool on Friday morning, in Liverpool 1, namely Urban Outfitters, or a little bit up the road on Hardman Street in Bullet, come and say Hi Babes!



  1. The outfit looks great! Congrats and good luck. xx

  2. Wow...that's exciting news! Love the leather jacket. Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!


  3. Ah, well done :) Where you in Topshop on Saturday by any chance??

  4. Hey, I nominated you for an award, check my blog to collect. :D

    Good luck with this, it sounds awesome!


Much love. x

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