Monday, 2 November 2009

Little Monday Catch up

Happy November!

How are we 11 months into this year? This has possibly been the fastest year of life and potentially the most exciting and opportunity filled!

So the weather is pretty nice today; windy but blue skies are perforated with white fluffy clouds.

Anyway, enough of pretending I'm an English Lit student.

So, on Thursday, I went to the Ballet to see Giselle. It was beautiful, but to be honest I wasn't paying attention.

Not because I was bored, but because I was filming for The Closet the next day and I was trying to think of things to say.

Well, it went well, but I was sososososo nervous, and I think that would be nervous in the first few takes but I got into it and was more relaxed after that, and really enjoyed it!

I saw like one moment of it on camera, and "Hello stocky legs!"

Anyway, some rather very cute exciting news.

We got new puppies!

(One has just done a tiny wee as I am typing.)

Anyway, they are called Cocobear and Lola McBride and they are Lhasa Apsos and apsolutely fabulous. Get it?

I will get a good photo of them for you, but when I installed Snow Leopard on my Mac, (I previously had Tiger - my MacBook is going on 4 years old) iPhoto seemed to delete itself; luckily the photos stayed put, but I have no place to upload photos to, and I refuse to settle for Picasa.

So I am puppysitting when I am not in Uni, and we have an open house of visitors coming to see them!

Hope you had a happy Halloween. I went to a pool party but conveniently forgot my bikini, so I could only paddle.


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