Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sports Luxe/Laggard.

I am seriously considering whipping out a pair of black Nike joggers with cuffed ankles and gold detailing, pairing them with my Topshop Aggy Black Suede boots, a slim fit combed cotton white t-shirt, the Wang bag and lots of ghetto gold.

I've been tempted to do something like this for quite a while but just don't think I could pull it off.

I'm pretty sure Lily Allen did something like this, circa 2007, so I'm not really keeping up with the times.

We learn about the Diffusion of Innovation theory in university, which is basically about how quickly different people get onto things.

So we have the following categories:
Early Adopters,
Early Majority,
Late Majority and

I shit you not, but a fairly embarrassingly substantial amount of the time I'm a laggard.

"Individuals in this category are the last to adopt an innovation."

However, maybe this heels/joggers isn't an innovation many people are willing to invest their time into.

For example,

I've only just let Florence and the Machine into my life.

Not pure, going-to-see-her-in-concert into my life, but like, actually looked at her music videos on YouTube.

How long has she been around? 18/24 months? Eek.

What a laggard. 

I think I'm the one who is just not willing to invest my time into certain things if I don't see something making a promise to me.


I'd like to think for a little part of the time I'm an Early Adopter but I'm defo not cool enough to class myself as an Innovator.

Ah well. It's nearly Friday. Battle through and it will be the weekend before you know it.



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