Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Little Tuesday Catch Up.

Holler chicas y chicos.

Hope you are all good, the hype of LFW is still ringing in our ears, but in my opinion, it's all about Paris Fashion Week.

Ah well.

I've been asked by a little mate of mine what my game is, regarding Scouse As You Like.

Basically, I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I'm not sure whether I'm documenting Scouse Fashion, or defending it.

Maybe a bit of both.

I started to write something, but it definitely felt like I was trying to defend it, and kinda felt like I was getting a bit angry, which in turn, might put people off me, the Blog, and the book.

Here's a little excerpt, however I'm not actually sure if you can technically call it an excerpt if it hasn't actually been excerpted out of anywhere.


Funnily enough, the first thing I Googled when I decided to do this was the term Scouse Fashion.

Quite a lot of pages came up, and I clicked on a discussion I found on the BBC website.

Most of the comments annoyed me, especially the one below.

Lynne "
I wouldn't say Liverpool is the Capital of Fashion, far from it, with the majority of people still wearing Shell Suits, and walking round in Pyjamas, and showing off one's thong is not what I would call High Fashion.”
Right, first off, Lynne, nothing annoys me more than people calling Tracksuits “Shell Suits.”

It is an unbelievably archaic sartorial term, and anybody who feels like they have the right to comment on anything fashion-related, should use more up-to-date terms, especially if they are going to talk negatively. 

So not to sound corny but getyourfactsright. 

Secondly, the use of the word majority.

To quote Lynne, “the majority of people [are] still wearing Shell Suits.”


So most of the entire population in the city of Liverpool wears a tracky. 

Do they though?

Have you included babies, teenage Ugg Boot-wearing-girls and Nans in this survey Lynne? 

Rethink things before you go making an offensive sweeping statement ok?


Do you get me; I'm just not sure what angle to take this from, so back to the drawing board I go.

Also, I'd just like to say that got a little bit of flack about not including Emos in the list of style tribes.

On Saturday, I saw a ginger Emo walking through town, spraying hairspray on his hair.

I think that's enough justification why I probably wont include them in the book.

P.S I've got nothing against gingers; I've got red hair myself, innit. 


  1. Hope you get out of your pickle soon luv i cant wait to read it.

    Loving the pics below & your eyebrows are so perfect love it!

    Thanks for your comments, i cant wait to get back xxx

  2. aha THAT ginger...i remember well...however.... DO YOU LOVE TAHT? DO YOU LOVE IT?!?!?!

  3. Babies can't decide what they wear, "Nans" I don't think are particularly bothered about fashion and the girls in pyjamas, well they're probably the 'Ugg boot wearing girls' you're referring to.

    The point is, the 'majority'(because that ISN'T including everyone, so NOT the "entire population") of people who choose their attire are either opting for a tracksuit(boys/girls) or to show off their thong wearing, lets say, tight jeans and Ugg boots?

  4. @Anonymous - Well there you go, babies don't wear tracksuits, nor do Nans: two substantial demographics who couldn't, according to you or I, be included in the majority.

    The point is though, the 'majority' (because that ISN'T including everyone, so NOT the "entire population") of people who choose their attire are NOTopting for a tracksuit (boys/girls) or to show off their thong wearing, tight jeans and Ugg boots.

    That's the point of the "book" - to talk about other style tribes in Liverpool.

    Thanks for your feedback though, as significant as it was.

    See what I mean, Defence V Document - How much have I got on the defensive here!?

    It's all tongue in cheek though; yegetme

    P.S Not to get picky, but if you look, I did actually write, "most of the entire population" not, "the entire population."


Much love. x

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