Friday, 30 April 2010

My search for the perfect Tee.

What is the correct spelling of Tee?


T-shirt with an uppercase T?

Lower case t?

I'm not sure.


So far, there has been 120 days in 2010, and I would say that for 110 of those days, I have worn a white t-shirt.

Be it Uniqlo, Erin Wasson x RVCA, or my trusty H&M, it has been a white t-shirt that has covered my back, as well as my dignity.

I'd guess that I have somewhere in the region of at least 15 H&M plain white, combed cotton t-shirts.

I don't know what it is about them; when they are perfectly white, I think they simply look perfect.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a psychic, who said to me, "Lauren, if you have two white t-shirts, you don't need another three."

You know it's time to stop when that kinda shit gets said to you.

It's been a bit boring of me; but I've spruced it up with a different selection of necklaces, and worn brightly coloured bras (the H&M t-shirts are particularly see-through, so I haven't kept all of my dignity)

I don't like to spend a lot of money on a t-shirt, since I made the stupid mistake of spending $90 on a Ksubi t-shirt in New York.

I wore it maybe three times, and my brother did the washing for the first time in his life, and chucked a black sock into the white wash for good measure, in turn, making my $90 t-shirt pale blue.

Now I would only even consider wearing it for bed.


I'm just on net-a-porter, and they have picked out what t-shirt brands they think are the best.

My mate Alexander Wang was up there, with T being featured as one of them.

What kind of world would I be living in where I could justify spending £70 on a t-shirt, or £65 on a vest.

However in my eyes, I just reckon they look boss, and I would find some kind of warped way of justifying the purchase.

When I'm rolling in it, I probably would buy one of these, however, my 2snide99 H&M t-shirts would probably just do the same job.

All psychological innit.



  1. I LOVE Alexander Wang Tee's and also LnA. When I was in Vegas I went to Barney's looking for the perfect Tee and I got a gorgeous white Tee by Vince (for around $40! It was in the sales) its very similar to the Alexander Wang ones,
    really light and feels gorgeous!
    I spelt it 'Tee' haha.

  2. Ooh jealous of the discounted clothes!

    P.S Lovely to see another Liverpool Fashion Blogger xx


Much love. x

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