Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bold Street -V- Lids

For all of you who don't know, i.e are not from Liverpool, Bold Street is in the Ropewalks area in Liverpool City Centre.

In the past it has been compared to Carnaby Street, with its offering of a broad range of clothing and footwear stores.

I don't have an Oxford Dictionary definition of what a Bold Street Head is, and I'm pretty sure it's not on Urban Dictionary, but it is probably easiest to define one from the way that they dress. 

It's pretty unfair to generalise this style, since this is not a detailed account of this certain style tribe, just some thoughts I had on the subject.  

However, regarding brands worn within this tribe, I think it is fair to say the following: 

Footwear is a big deal, with Size?, FootAsylum and Ran all being on Bold Street, so for example, think like Nike and Vans (amongst others, obv.)

Then regarding clothing, I guess American Apparel, Carharrt, Levi's, Stussy, and Supreme, (again, amongst others) could be seen. 

The skate shop, Lost Art is on Bold Street, so you often see quite a few skaters round too.

Are you having any luck visualising the kind of thing I'm talking about?

NB -  This is only going on face value, or appearance, I'm obviously not judging their personality, nor taking it into consideration, based on how they look. getme?

I scribbled down some notes the other day, in response to a status on Facebook that I had seen, which said:

"RIP American Apparel and Vans."

So this status was in response to the "Lid Culture" of Liverpool adopting these two alternative brands. 

It's kind of a natural style progression I guess from the "Fun Boy" who seemed to appear back in 2004/2005, with his brightly coloured Ralph Lauren Polos, and his (I am mortified that I am even writing the following brand on my Blog) Old Glory t-shirts, Converse All Stars, his Gap Worker Jeans, and for special occasions, i.e Sunday nights at Garlands, Rosary Beads. 

So now, these "Lids" are wearing American Apparel and Vans, and a few people have a few things to say about it, since not so long ago, these brands, (more so Vans,) would never even be considered to be worn by this kind of Scouse guy. 

Straight away though, I just thought, you Bold Street Heads have only got yourselves to blame. 

I don't mean this in a snidey way at all though; more of a compliment, but yous are the reason why these Lids are wearing these brands. 

The way I see it, is that these kids working on Bold Street influence the way that a large portion of male youths in Liverpool dress. 

If these Lids want a pair of trainers, more often than not, they are going to go to one of the afore  mentioned footwear stores. 

So, they go into these shops, and get served by these like, proper trainerheads (not just sales assistants - people who actually care about the product they sell) and almost like, get to know them, and respect them, and eventually interpret stylistic elements into their own wardrobes. 

It's like, these boys are doing something a little bit different, and Lids are looking up to them, and recognise that they are making this style work. 

It's opening up their eyes to wearing brands they had never thought about wearing, and in some cases never even heard of them.

I duno; it's just my view on it.  

Have a good Tuesday, hope you all had a nice Easter. 

P.S - Hey Mr Anonymous, no more wigga comments please; it's a bit offensive, and you'll probably just get the same response you did last time.

P.P.S - Feedback is welcome, but get a grip; if you've got nothing nice to say, why bother taking time out of your own day to type anything negative.


  1. My boyfriend and I like to sub-categorise Lids (particularly when we're at Anfield watching the game, they all come out to play then) e.g.

    Lid - you don't need me to explain

    UberLid - OH God. The king of all Lids. The kind that will say 'Lad' twice in a sentence. Usually square in shape with shiny bald head, massive shoulders.

    Lid Boot Fashion - that stupid thing Lids who shop at All Saints do where they stuff baggy-ish jeans into weird workwear style boot things. What IS that??

    All Saints Lid - Lid trying to dress like catwalk model seeks All Saints clothes to look less Lid and more model. Ends up just looking like All Saints Lid.

    Mini-Lid - Lid in the making, learning the ropes, got the swagger der lid

    Indielid - Lids that shop in Topman but weirdly go to the game in skinny fit kids' retro Liverpool shirts and pointy shoes but yell loads and eat pies

    WAGabees - Wannabe WAGS, not quite able to afford Cricket but trying to make what they can out of Lipsy dresses and River Island. Can often be seen hanging with Indie-Lids cos Lids just aren't that fashionable anymore (as they have all started wearing American Apparel and Vans and Converse).

    "Scousein' hell!" - what the boyf says when he sees a proper WAGabee

    * * *

    Sorry for the mass commenting on your blog tonight, I just never had the time to comment lately but we have loads in common! :)

  2. AMAZE!!

    Oh my! What an incredible break down of Lids!

    I salute you!

    When you live in Liverpool, you know it's not all trackies!

    People just don't realise!

    Let's get this point across! x

    P.S The more comments the better; I get the views but not the feedback!

    I suppose it works like that when you put disclaimers stating if you've not got anything nice to say, don't say it at all! xx


Much love. x

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