Sunday, 11 April 2010

Summer Conundrum


If there's one thing I'm not very good at, it's dressing for Summer.

Winter is fine, the more layers the better, there is less skin on show; it's boss.

However, the past few days have been rather glorious and it struck me that I need to start investing in some Summer-friendly garments.

I'm not really into girly dresses, short skirts, or anything under that kind of umbrella, so I am in a bit of a pickle really.

However, yesterday I bought a black vest-maxi-dress kinda thing, and I rather like it.

This is basically the outfit I had on yesterday, give or take a few details.
I'm not insane on doing full on outfit posts of myself so this will give you the gist. (Waat I never knew gist was spelt with a G)

However, I have just found the same dress in white with thin black stripes here, which I may have to invest into, because at £18, it's not a very scary price.

(Because the dress is striped, the image doesn't look too clear when it is in Polyvore, hence why I provided the link, not the piccy.)

I think I rather like these maxi dresses; my short legs to longer body ratio seems to work out well too.

(I'm 5'8, a Blogger once told me she imagined me to be a lot shorter in real life.. Make of that what you will, I thought it was quite funny.)

Plus, more Summer excitement, I've just gone on NastyGal, and boy-oh-boy am I looking forward to shredded tees, a la Camille, last year.


Have a lovely sunny Sunday,



  1. That's funny. I'm the total opposite. I've lived in warm climate all my life so when I finally took a winter wonderland vacation to NY I was totally out of my element to try to figure out what to wear. People that do an awesome job layering and looking fabulous have my heart.

    xoxo poorlyfashioned

  2. In the winter, the more layers the better!

    Thick woolen coats, chunky scarves.. Amaze.

    Wouldn't mind a hot hot summer for once though!

    Thanks for reading the Blog xx


Much love. x

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