Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Little Monday Catch Up

Morning y'all!

Thought I'd do a little catch up while I'm stuck on the phone trying to pay ANOTHER freaking bus lane fine.

Anyway, I hope you are all well and enjoying these much appreciated bursts of sun we seem to be having?

How did you all spend Bank Holiday?

Liverpool celebrated with the Mathew Street Festival; basically stages set up around the city showcasing new bands, old bands and cover bands. Think Kings ov Leon, The Antarctic Monkeys, Crowded Scouse.

It was just an excuse to get drunk I think for three nights running.

Me, being the non-alcoholic drinker that I am, this was rather amusing, and seeing girls fall over everywhere, literally hit the deck like flies was quite fun.

I admit, I did fall over once, but in my defence, my wedges are like seven inches tall, and it was on cobbles. We all know cobbles are your worst nightmare in heels, right?

It's also kinda started to hit me that I'll be moving away in a couple of weeks, so I've started to look through the Ikea catalogue looking for inspiration for my flat which I haven't actually got yet, but never-the-less it's still exciting.

I'm just scanning eBay too for any last minute clothes I can buy to take away with me.

Have you all been watching Ultimate Big Brother? Two words. Preston and Chantelle.

What I love about those two is that in any "normal" situation, those two wouldn't have looked twice at each other. As good looking as they both are, technically, they aren't necessarily suited; the Glamour Girl and the Brighton Boy.

However, when they met in Celebrity Big Brother, they fell for each other because of their personality. Which I love.

That's all for now I think.

I've got a couple more posts to be doing, so I bid you farewell.

P.S - You know when people stop following you, do you think it's because you are annoying them clogging up your Blog feed, or do you like to think it's because they've deleted their own Blog account?

P.P.S - How have I only just realised you can get your stats with Blogger?!



  1. There were some hideously drunken girls out, weren't there? I was up near Wood St last night (being very sober and sensible and going to the pictures) and the amount of people falling over and screeching seemed higher than your average Saturday night.

  2. where are you going?? I mean, it sounds like you are moving, location??

  3. I know right, I was down Dale Street way but ended up along the Dock Road and eventually to Seel Street. The girls were going down like flies! Did you go to see anything nice? x

  4. Hey Patti G! haha cute name! I'm going to Amsterdam! Just got to get everything finalised! Argh!!xx


Much love. x

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