Sunday, 19 September 2010

Let's keep it real people.

Last month I found myself filling out a lot of fashion/blogging/beauty related questions for various people, and as the questions were relatively similar, I found myself repeating answers across the board.

I was featured in Company magazine along with three other Scouse chicks, but I was so upset with how the magazine had misconstrued my answers, and reworded things I had said.

I was flattered to be featured in the magazine, but it's a little heart-wrenching seeing something being put into print that I haven't said.

If you have read my Blog in the past, you know that I am all about justifying how Scouse girls dress, or how the majority of Scouse girls are perceived to dress.

You know the kind I'm talking about, I needn't go into detail.

I try and justify how they take their time to apply their fake tan, the effort they go to with their hair and make-up and the extravagant amount of money they spend on designer clothes. 

I love how these girls dress. 

It's a phenomenon. 

You might think that get girls from other cities dressing the same as this, but believe me, you don't. 

So imagine, when I have spent my time on this Blog, trying to tell you all that these girls are something else, and how you have to respect them for how they play the game, that a national magazine publishing something saying that I have said "Liverpool isn't all bum-skimming skirts and tango tans."

It honestly hurts me to think that people out there might think that I think so little of the girls in Liverpool. 

I've decided to include the answers to my questions; they're pretty long, so this is a text heavy post (if you hadn't guessed already.)


- Describe your style...
It's black and white with the odd dash of colour. My Blog, IRONIC FASHION kind of emulates my style - it's all about wearing things you shouldn't, but you secretly love to. I suppose the phrase stems from wearing performance clothing and using it as a fashion statement. 
- What's your fave trend right now? 
This summer for me has been t-shirt dresses and maxi skirts with statement tees tucked in. My favourite t-shirt brand at the moment is Modern Love ( I love the concept of the shearling trend that's coming up, but I'm not sure how I'm going to adapt it into my wardrobe; possibly a pair of chunky boots with a wool lining. I also love the '90s Grunge revival, but I haven't really adopted it, just admired from afar.
I also love getting my nails did. Except I can’t afford to get my nails did every week, so I have to did them myself. It took me about four hours to master it, but I love having leopard print nails!

- What trend are you not really loving? 
It's not so much of a trend, but I'm not insane on flat pointed boots with straps and studs on; you know the kind I mean. Honestly they make me cringe. 

- What are your fave pieces in your wardrobe?
My prized sartorial possession is my Alexander Wang Donna Hobo bag, which I use everyday, so it's kind of battered but I still love, love, love it, and my Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf barely leaves my neck. I bought an amazing tee from a store called SPRMRKT in Amsterdam, which kind of looks like the American Flag crossed with a nebular installation, which is by a British brand called Horace. I just bought an amazing pair of massive wedges from Topshop which are super comfy and I'm 6''1 when I wear them! I wear Vans Authentic everyday, so I've got about 10 different pairs. As my wardrobe's colour palette is pretty basic, I have to experiment with accessories. I love Creole earrings, and managed to get a Stussy pair in Precinct 5 in Amsterdam, which I adore.
- Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
I take a lot of inspiration from style tribes from different cities, like New York, Paris, L.A, and of course, Liverpool. People have a misguided view of the city; it's not all what's reported in the press. Delve deeper and you'll find that there is street style that rivals Brick Lane. 
- Fave shops in Liverpool and online?
My favourite shop unique to Liverpool is Kirsty Doyle. She makes the most amazing bespoke womenswear. Online-wise, I mainly only shop on eBay, and have the odd asos binge, but I love perusing wildfox, OAKNYC, and Complex Geometries.
- Worst fashion faux pas ever made?
So so many. Live it, learn it. 
- What trend have you tried that you weren't sure about at first but loved in the end? 
I can be a bit reluctant to completely commit to a trend, in case I don't have 100% confidence in it, and it backfires. So I like to stick to what I like, but then go for it if I see it has staying power. 

- Any style icons? 
It’s a bit of a random one, but my ultimate style icon is Samantha Ronson. In 2005 I read an article about her and her sister Charlotte, and just loved the way she dressed in t-shirts and trainers. I’d love to look round Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s wardrobes. I’ve got the Sex and the City books to accompany the series and the movie, so if I’m ever looking for inspiration on how to style an outfit, that’s the first port of call.  
- Can you sum up Liverpool's style?
In a word, no! Liverpool's style is like no other. I've started to write a book on it because there are so many different style tribes in one small city, so I just had to document it. You've got your Wags and Waggabes, who will spend an unbelievable amount of money for one night's outfit, and wear it only once. The people of Liverpool are hard workers, and they like to let people know how hard they work by buying clothes that cost a lot of money, so you can't begrudge them of that! Then you've got your Old Money, your Lids and your Bold Street Heads, but the Wags are the ones who get the column inches. You'll have to wait for the book to find out what Bold Street Heads and Lids are though! 
- What would be your 4 style tips for readers who want to recreate your style?
  1. You need to get yourself a nice quality, white, oversized, combed cotton t-shirt. H+M are my favourite, nice and simple, nice and cheap. They are quite see-through, so go a bit risky and wear a brightly coloured bra, just so it slightly shows through.
  2. Buy a pair of Creole earrings. The bigger the better! I get mine from St. John’s Market in Liverpool, but I bought a pair from Clignacourts in Paris which say “I Love You
  3. Invest in a nice pair of trainers. The last pair I bought were Nike Air Max 1s in a lilac and turquoise colour-way, but my favourite trainer has to be the Nike Blazer. Or a pair of Vans Authentic in all black or all white, or a nice bright colour like orange will do the trick.
  4. The rest of your appearance is important too though; I get semi-permanent eyelashes put on every two weeks, by Lash Out! Lashes, and have pretty prominent eyebrows. I make out that I’m not your typical Liverpool girl, but it doesn’t mean I won’t adopt some of their traits!

If any of you read the feature and thought that I sounded like a narrow-minded dick slating Liverpool, then I can only apologise.

I'm not one to slate the greatest city in the world.




  1. I love this!! You know I love Liverpool for many reasons...! Cant believe that mag edited your words. Your readers will know the truth. Cant wait to find out what Bold Street Heads (make me think of the big fat curls made with extensions) and Lids are though. xx

  2. bold sts, quite indie, i think, skinny jeans, vans checked shirts, hats, makes me think of size, ran, sort of shops, vintage for girls always x

  3. I must say I really enjoyed your answers to these questions. I would love to interview you for my own fashion site where we feature a spotlight for successful bloggers like yourself at I can assure you there will be absolutely no misconstruing of your words. I would love to learn more about your views on modern day fashion. I have been a huge fan for some years now and would really love an opportunity to learn more.

    I will email you with more details later.
    <3 keep up the great work Lauren :P

  4. I love your loyalty to your home town :)
    This is an amazing post and I really hope that you spoke to them about what they wrote!
    I love reading my glossy mags, but this makes me realise how fake they are most of the time!
    Decided to follow your lovely blog, follow back?? :) <3

  5. Hey Lauren, Congrats on getting into Company magazine, but I'm so disappointed in them for changing your words!! :(

    I really love your blog so I have joined your followers and will be back again soon for sure :)

    If you get chance I would love it if you could check out my blog Thank you.

    Have a great week! xxx

  6. Oh the media... bad news girl!!
    Hope eveythings well in the dam...!
    see ya soon! :) xx

  7. Lauren anyone who read's your blog knows that you would never say something like that. Media will always bend it. We are proud of you and now what you are really about, don't let it get you down. I love your blog and I feel the same thing for London girls, not the shiny ones everyone talk's about. The real girls you see everyday, people can be so rude, I think everyone has the right to express themselves the way they want. So rock the tan, hair and nails ....if it makes someone happy why the F not. xxxxxxx

  8. Guys I honestly cant tell you how amazing all your comments have been! Thank you all so much x x x

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Much love. x

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