Thursday, 23 September 2010

Little Thursday Update

Evening guys!

I hope you are all well?

I'm apologising for not posting properly since moving to Amsterdam! I've quite busy but seeing the latest comments on the post below, I've been inspired to start typing.

For some reason, whenever I do a post surrounding Liverpool's fashion, I automatically go on the defense. As you all know, I'm an advocate of Liverpool's style, and I don't like people talking shit about it.

Anyway, so as I saw that I had three more comments (three more comments may seem tiny to you, to my little Bloggy, three extra since last checking is quite big) I automatically for some reason I get scared.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

All of the seven comments from you lovely ladies and gents have been so nice.

It really makes me happy to know that people who read the Company magazine article and read my Blog will know that what got written were not my words.

I've got some proper amazing people following my Blog, and I read every single comment - it doesn't take me too long to do so.

Here's a couple of new pics of the new pad.

I'm sorry they're in black and white, I took the first one without realising, but then I kinda liked how it looked.

Woah, there literally is only a couple of pics here. I uploaded four or five on Facebook, but it seems to have crashed tonight and I've got the originals saved to my old MacBook but CBA uploading the others via that.


  1. oooh jealous - gorgeous new home!!

  2. wow! looks amazing, I'm actually coming over to Amsterdam for an internship too in October but having no luck finding accomodation :( was wondering if u could give me any tips on finding a nice flat?!
    Becca x

  3. Hey Becca! Congratulations on the internship - what are you going to be doing? I found mine through an estate agent, so google things like expat housing, amsterdam long term rentals or rooms, or look on craigslist to see if there are any apartments but be careful because there are loads of scams on there.
    Good luck!! xx

  4. Hey, thanks! I'm going to be working for a design agency in the centre of Amsterdam doing graphic/interior design.
    I'll have a look at estate agents, never thought to try that. I've been on craigslist before though and you're right about the scams!

  5. lovely place,love it so!
    and i like Liverpool too.


  6. Glad you got some nice positive comments

    Love your flat!!!! looks amaze! x


Much love. x

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