Friday, 5 November 2010

ELLE ShopGirl To Stylist Final

What a crazy few days!

You all know I got into the Top 10 of the competition - I've shamefully kicked up a bit of a fuss about it on the blog.

So on Tuesday night after work, I travelled from Amsterdam to London to discover that for the next two nights I would be staying in the May Fair Hotel.


So on the day of the contest, myself and Tammy, one of the other finalists, who worked at House of Fraser in Biba, travelled to Blossom Street Studios. Bare in mind that this was the day of the tube strikes - nightmare.

Anyway, so we were split into two groups and each given a random model and rail of clothing. I was assigned a girl called Joy, who I found out came third in this season of Britain's Next Top Model..? Needless to say, she was a complete BABE.

So the theme that was set was 70s. I drew inspiration from Chloe, Michael Kors, Celine.. You know that kind of classic, sleek styled vibe? I shied away from the hippy vibe; y'all know simple styles work better for me.

The next night, we all met up again to hear the announcement at the May Fair, so a lot of photos, a lot of filming, and a lot of champagne drinking later (mainly on my boy Tony Cook's part there) the winner was declared.

The girls who were in my group were so lovely so I've got to give a big shout out to Ellie D, Ellie W, and Tammy.

Just a few photos of us playing around some garbage bags in Brick Lane.


Me and my final look - excuse the front pouch; I had my trousers on back to front all day, and I didn't even realise.

Did I mention I didn't win?

Elizabeth Black from Beyond Retro was announced the winner - she looked beautiful at the announcement - very cute.

I did however get told about a very exciting opportunity for myself, courtesy of my mentor of the event, Avril Mair. 


I just want to send a lot of love out there to all the friends I made, the lovely ladies at Talk PR, and of course, ELLE UK.




  1. Well Done, Lovin' The Styling, Joy, And Your Blog!

  2. Ahh thanks - nice to see another Liverpool blogger! xx

  3. You did amazingly well to get that far! I love that final look. and I'm intrigued about the "exciting opportunity"!

    Bhav x

  4. Ah thanks Bhav! Hehe... The exciting opportunity is pretty much under wraps for now.. x

  5. I just watched the final over at Elle TV, massive congrats for getting in the top 10! I Loved your sleek 70's look, Must have been an incredible experience :)

    Kat Xx

  6. Aww thanks Kat! It really was amazing - such a good couple of days!! xx


Much love. x

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