Sunday, 14 November 2010

Outlaw Freelancers.. Keeping It Dutch.

It's common knowledge that fashion and beauty bloggers get contacted by companies to let them know about upcoming products, promotions or events.

I get contacted every so often by different companies, to see if I'd like to be involved with their brand in some way, whether it being a giveaway, a review, or general endorsement of a product - you know how it goes girls.

For me to get on board with a company, I have to truly believe in them. I'm not being rude, but if I get asked to hold a giveaway on my blog for a food blender, I'm probably going to say no. I'm not going to hold a giveaway to get more followers to win something that doesn't overly correlate with the essence of the blog; if people want to follow me, they should do it because they want to, not so they have the opportunity to make soups with the latest culinary technology.

A few weeks after I moved to the land of clogs (SATC ref right thur) I was contacted by a streetwear company based in Amsterdam, called Outlaw Freelancers.

I checked out the site and the press release that was included in the email, and I was genuinely excited about this brand.

I met up with Alisa who works for Outlaw Freelancers, at their studio in Amsterdam a few days ago, to learn a little bit more about the brand.

While I was there, I couldn't help but snap away at the amazing interior of the studio. I love going to personal spaces like this and seeing how people make them their own, to reflect themselves.

I was also given a lil sumin' sumin' by the guys there, so I'll definitely take a couple of photos of it, maybe later today.

I also found this video by them, so ch-check it out. 



  1. This brand looks awesome! Love that video too.

    Very jealous of you living it up in Amsterdam- What a city :)Hope you're enjoying it!

    Kat Xx

  2. The brand is really cool - you should check out the site!

    Ah Amsterdam is really cool - absolutely loving it here! L xx


Much love. x

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