Thursday, 30 December 2010

It's E not I/L.I.V F.S.H.N

So I know this news isn't exactly hot off the press but I meant to blog about these earlier in the week, but never got round to it.

The Dr. Martens S/S 11 collection previews were released not so long ago, and tbh, they blew my mind.

In Liverpool, we've always prided ourselves on liking to believe we're pretty clued up on style, despite what you see on Snog, Marry, Avoid. 

The younger generation of Scouse Girls in particular are definitely moving forward in their thinking behind their style, and increasingly trying and experimenting with new styles, and not even in like an OTT way. More like in a way that they are more willing to try styles that they have seen around from times gone by. 

It was only last night, that myself and Eugene from StyleTransition were in Liverpool One, and a group of girls were wearing Dr. Martens. Except these girls were not Emos, nor Goths, who were probably the bait of many jokes for wearing such shoes. These were your typical 14-year-old Scouse girls, who a couple of years ago decided to bite the bullet, try something a bit foreign to what they knew, and buy Converse All Stars, (not exactly breaking balls I know but for them it might well have been) then the next year, they bought a pair of Vans Authentic (albeit being purple, but at least they're moving on.) 

This year what did they buy? 

Dr. Martens. 

It's amazing the popularity of them at the moment, and it's quite refreshing to see. 

The new uniform of Liverpool has completely changed over the past two or three years, and the change is more apparent than ever, for me at least, not being here properly for three months.

The American Apparel store in Liverpool One sells more hoodies, than any other American Apparel store in the world. 


It's been said before, but American Apparel hoodies and Vans now go hand-in-hand, and we're a little bit bored of seeing every other kid in this get-up, but j'amean, it'd probably blow a newcomer's mind to see this mini army. 

I've badly gone off topic here; I probably could have split this into two posts, but cba. 

Anyway, back to the shoes in hand. 

I had nothing but love for Dr. Martens when I was little; I had a flowery pink pair, and a red patent leather pair, and I ran everywhere in them, and wore them with everything, including a white jersey Bon Bleu tracksuit. 

Any Liverpool girls reading - remember Bon Bleu?

I stumbled across the S/S 11 collection, and it is literally the bomb. 

There are some animal print ones too, but I don't know if I could pull off leopard-print-footwear, but I've got a lot of love for the pastels.

I've not been as excited about a new footwear collection of this sort for a long time.

Roll on the release.



  1. I had a baby pink Bon Bleu tracksuit and it was amazing back in the day haha.

    I just love the way you analyse Liverpool style, Love reading your blog!

  2. Love this new collection, I managed to snaffle a pair of white moc croc DM shoes from TK Maxx the other day and they are my new best friends!


  3. oh bon bleu!! Im so glad that scouse girls are startng to realise they dont have to dress like wannabe wags.

    fellow scouser

  4. So weird, my Mum used to put me in Dr Martens - flowery (i think i had a mustard pair aswell) and a bon bleu trackie. God your making me reminisce.

  5. I was so made up when my mum bought me them - she surprised me and I loved them so much! x

  6. that is one hell of a statistic about american apparel in liverpool. can totally believe it though!
    happy new year! xx

  7. I've seen alot of american apparel hoodies in liverpool but didn't know that little fact!
    Those doc martins are lovely tho! x


  9. @Fran and Sophie - yep, I said to one of the guys who worked there, what is the sell-through on your hoodies, and he told me that little fact. They sold over 2000 last week. 2000! Have you seen the size of the store?! It's tiny!! x

  10. I <3 This post too much.
    & I mentioned BonBleu to a London rapper the other week. his reaction was blank.. just a L.I.V. thang??


Much love. x

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