Monday, 27 December 2010

New Shoes of Late.

Remember I briefly showed you my Mustard Blazers I bought? The first day I bought them, I wore them to a dirty party, which was just the route to their demise I guess.

I've worn them a lot, and as much as I love them, it's easy to become sick of something you wear near enough everyday.

The denim bleed on them is irreversible, and the laces are in a mess, so I knew I had to do something about it, and I decided to buy myself a new pair of shoes to treat myself for Christmas.

I bought these little babies.

Look familiar?

Continuing with this theme, I went to Cheshire Oaks today, which is kinda like Bicester Village's younger, scallier cousin.

I got two pairs of shoes for under 65 Snides (there's no pound sign on this Mac; only euro or dollar, so snide will have to suffice) which excited me very much.

 Merry Christmas to me! Rather happy with these little purchases. Bargains are the bomb. 

Did you all go sale shopping? I had a few tweets warning me not to brave Cheshire Oaks, and those tweeters were right, it was busy as f'ck. 

I've got Anchorman on, while I'm blogging away and trying to tidy my room.. I haven't really unpacked since I got home. Oops. Only here for another week. Sad times. 

So really though, New Year's Eve is creeping up, and it seems there are little to none plans being thrown around, however I heard whispers of the Kazimier? Except I can't seem to find what's on? Can anybody help/deny/confirm that anything is going on?

Many tanx. 



  1. Hehe they're cute aren't they! Glad to see you back blogging honey! xx

  2. Surprised you remember me! Your blog was one of the first I hunted for when I started back up :D xx

  3. Aww! Course I do! You look fab as well! xx

  4. I'm an Adidas girl but those red hightops are FIT!

    PS- You're fringe too looks fit hehe :)



Much love. x

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