Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mi Casa es Su Casa

About a year ago now, I posted pictures of my apartment in Amsterdam, just after I'd moved in. It was a sweet lil studio along the Plantage Middenlaan (I can write that now I no longer live there) and I fell in love with it straight away.

Now, a year on, my lovely landlord (not being sarcastic there, he really was lovely) decided he wanted to move back in to the place, which meant I would have to look elsewhere for a new abode.

My friend found me a place, and I just moved in like two days ago, but wanted to share some photos of the new place with you. I fell in love with this place as soon as I saw it, so maybe I've got an easily opened heart.

I've been trawling interior design blogs and tumblrs, and using the Selby as my source of inspiration, so you'll be seeing lots of nice images of home-spiration.


View out of the kitchen window. Super stoked I live on a proper Amsterdam-looking street with narrow houses and lovely green trees. 
Le kitchen and terrace. 
Shelves avec my Nike Mag replica

View from the terrace
More shelves with shoes and books
A sad looking orchid.
That was a fairly sombre note to end such a happy post! Please realise that the orchid does not reflect my mood; I am super happy to be here!



  1. oh wow, what a dream flat! congrats and well done :D

  2. What a stunning place, I bet you're thrilled! I've just moved to Liverpool (how i first found your blog) xx

  3. I'm super happy here :)
    Oh wow!! You at uni there? I hope you're enjoying it - email me if you want any little tips!! laurenjanemcbride@gmail.com xx

  4. It IS super cool. But what about the stairs? Surely they are worth a photo, especially from the top and looking down!
    Looking forward to my next visit - Bicycles rule OK!

  5. wow! the kitchen looks amazing!

  6. How close do people park to each other in amsterdam?! pure bumper to bumper... lovely place loz.x

  7. Gorgeous flat and I love the lighting/colours in the photos - so pretty!!


Much love. x

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