Saturday, 10 December 2011


Hello lovely people. I thought I'd do a little hots and nots; I've not written a lot recently so I thought I'd share some love.

Let's start off with the hots.

Vogue Magazine's Top 100 Fashion Online
So I was voted number 61 in the above list on Vogue Online. Bit of a mad one like, and my nickname over the past few days has been 61. It's also my new favourite number.

Nike Night
Last night was our work's Christmas party, and it was nothing but boss. Calvin Harris and Alex Metric were DJing which was pretty cool, and in general it was an amazing night. Last year's was good, but this year kicked last year's ass. Well done to the lovely lady who arranged it all. The theme was "You are Gold" so I wore a gold sequin skirt from Primey and a Kirsty Doyle black long sleeved top with shoulder pads. I bought some sweet black velvet wedges which made me about six foot tall but this morning my toes are still numb and my right foot is a bit delicate after taking a little tumble and last night being convinced that I'd broken it.

I literally cannot contain my excitement to go home to Liverpool for Christmas. Being away from home for such a long time makes you appreciate it so much more. I've only been back home twice this year, so I'm super excited to go home, for like, two weeks. On Christmas day, me and la familia will be working in the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen, which should be good; something different, I guess, but most of all I'm looking forward to really "working as a team"(?) with my family.

Drake - Take Care
Quite simply; I freaking love it. This is one of my favourite lyrics from the whole album, so I'm pretty glad I found this on a Drizzy tumblr.

Le Weather
This time last year, the snow was crazy. Like, blizzard crazy. I bought some Blazers and because they're boot-ish, I thought they'd be sound, but I actually just slipped around on their lack of grip. So this year, I found a pair of Lunarwood ACGs in Patta for 40euros, with pure grip on them to protect me from slipping and sliding, except this year, THERE IS NO FREAKIN SNOW. They're a good shoe like, but they're not the sexiest of silhouettes.

I think that's it for the NOTS; things are going pretty well at the moment.

Much love guys, going to try and get some outfit posts up this week.

Have a nice Saturday night!



  1. Oh wow, well done on the Vogue recognition! You definitely deserve it :) xx
    p.s. I have no idea how you coped with final year, it's an absolute nightmare!

  2. Ah thanks! I wouldn't go as far as to say I deserve it but it's nice!
    Final year is a nightmare but I didn't really cope! What's your dissertation title? x


Much love. x

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