Sunday, 8 April 2012

Drake - Take Care & HYFR

If Thank Me Later was my favourite album of 2010, then Take Care had to be my favourite album of 2011. I smashed it for a good solid three and a half/four months solid until I became a Belieber. You can see underneath each video how many times I've listened to each song. It was about time I moved on.

Only just got onto these two videos; I've told you before that I'm a bit of a laggard.

Drake feat. Rihanna: Take Care

Drake feat. Lil Wayne: HYFR

While both of these are amazing, especially the party at the Bar Mitzvah and Lil Wayne in a Panda(?) mask, neither of these could possibly beat the video for Practice. Just as a little added bonus, I'm going to include it in this post, but FYI, it's kinda NSFW. NSFW as in, the chick is pretty rude, but also, Drake's got white socks on. #wuh.

Drake: Practice (This really is NSFW and NSFM - Not Safe for Mums)




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  1. His first album I listened to continuosly for about a year and half, have such good memories listening to it again now, and was so excited for the second but I just didn't like it. But watching these vids has made me dig it back out...maybe I just needed to see Drake singing them instead of just listening...tooooo fit! He looks sexy as in the Practice vid.

    Lil Wayne in that panda get up though...freaking me out!!



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