Saturday, 28 April 2012

Neon and White

I thought I'd left that scary neon phase behind after the hazy 2007 period of "nu-rave." I cringe at the thought of it now.

That said. 

I bought some American Apparel neon green nail varnish a month or so ago and it's kind of got me looking at other brights.

I bought this pink bra in Prime-a-lima-ding-dong yesterday in Hoofdorp for €5.00 which I was pretty happy about and I love it underneath this white linen t-shirt.

The shoes are Nike Air Max 90 Wool Vac Tec. You can't really see the detail, which really sucks. They're so good it's ridiculous.

Off to pick up two of my Liverpool ladies as they're here for Queen's Day, which takes place on Monday.

Let the orange celebrations commence... 

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Nail Varnish - American Apparel
Studded Ring - H&M
White t-shirt and bra - Primark
Jeans - Acne
Trainers - Nike



  1. Hi Lauren,
    Just a quick question, where do you seek out your amaze trainers? i am so unlucky that i can never find my size in the styles i like!
    Thanks xxxx

  2. I like this one a lot.
    Neil x

  3. @Ellie - Hey, I got them from in le sale! I get most of mine from the store in work xx

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Much love. x

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