Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tonight's reading: GQ USA & Jalouse

I'd say I've bought 10 magazines maximum since moving to Amsterdam a year and a half ago; they're just too freaking expensive.

I've been on the magazine hunt over the past few days for the May(?) edition of Complex Magazine because it's the issue that features Mr Justin Bieber's "Knockout" shoot. I *think* it's going to be in the American Book Center in Spui soon as they had the previous issue, but JB's the one for me.

Anyway, I popped into AKO in Centraal Station after work tonight and was very surprised by the extensive magazine offering they have. Unfortunately Complex was not available to buy, however my number two crush, Mr Drizzy Drake graces the cover of American GQ so I bought that instead.

I also bought my fave magazine ever - Jalouse, because I haven't bought that in like, a year I'd say. So for some reason I decided I'd treat myself.

Luckily I know just enough French to get myself through Jalouse (I might need a little bit of help), but I'm finding it difficult to justify me paying €7,50 for two pages of Drake in GQ.

Ah well.

I stopped giving a shit about what Tyler had to say, but after spending 10 minutes watching that video on YouTube of them all recently, my ears pricked up again and then when I read an interview with him a couple of weeks ago on HypeBeast I definitely warmed a bit more to him again and even smiled slightly when I saw him in this. 

Quite looking forward to properly getting into these after my run tonight. Jalouse should be interesting; hello Google Translate. 


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