Thursday, 2 August 2012

Jena.Theo F/W 2012

I'm going to be honest. I get a lot of crappy generic PR emails everyday from all sorts of different companies and 9 times out of 10, I click delete straight away. They're normally about some bullsh't new product or brand that I have no desire to talk about and me being on their mailing list is a waste of mine and their's time. (not sure if that's grammatically correct?)

I just received this, about Jena.Theo's F/W 2012 Collection. While I'm still being honest, I actually have never heard of this brand, but thought I'd check out what they've got going on and opened up the images that were supplied. 

I was crazy pleasantly surprised at how much I FREAKING LOVE THIS BRAND. 

Seriously, I'm like, all over it. The styling, the colour palette, absolutely everything. 

The denim looks beautiful and there's just something about how the hem of the jeans comes up to on the model's ankle. So perfect.

Holy shit this sounds like a sponsored post. (I wish it was)

Anyway, check their site out here: and they've got new stock here in Wolf and Badger.

Check them out, seriously.


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