Sunday, 16 December 2012

Interior Decoration

I'm going through a bit of a phase of trying to make my bedroom into a home; not just somewhere where I sleep and get ready.

I think I've written about this in the past that my room is a bit awkwardly big and it's difficult to choose what to go where. Most of my decorating inspo comes from the Selby; I like how people mix contemporary furniture with a bit of a random selection of bits and bobs.

My problem is, is that I have plenty of bits and bobbies but I don't have the furniture.

I found some amazing pieces on Achica Homeware which I most certainly wouldn't mind having these to help me in my quest.


Check out the site; it's pretty cool. One can dream that one day, I could be featured on The Selby.

Disclaimer: I obviously know I would never be featured on The Selby, I just wasn't 100% sure how to round up the post. hehe

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