Thursday, 29 May 2014

Liverpool RocknRoll Half Marathon.

Last Sunday, I woke up super early, made myself a coffee, porridge with banana, got a shower and ready to do the Liverpool RocknRoll Half Marathon.

I was fairly nervous and very aware of the fact that the furthest distance I'd done in my training (using that word lightly) was a 15k about four weeks previously. A half marathon is 21, so I was pretty far away from hitting that full distance.

I've said it a million times before; I'm a slow runner. I realised when I did We Own The Night, that I don't like pushing myself too much and getting too tired, out of breath etc so I think I need to change this. I took this approach during this race and just had it in mind that I wanted to actually finish.

The idea behind this particular race being called RocknRoll was to celebrate Liverpool's (and other city's it takes place in) music history, so we started out by the Albert Dock, then ran through the Cavern Quarter and from then in at every mile there was a music stage. It was pretty cool, but didn't quite have the effect it intended to have, on the bands and stages I saw. But it was nice to see live music while running and even getting cheered on by the musicians was pretty cool.

I started out by running in my Flyknit Lunar 1s, which were what got me through Hood 2 Coast last year, but about 6K in, blisters started to kick in on my heels. I asked my mum to bring me my Flyknit Racers to the point she was meeting me at about 13K, at around Jericho Lane and they were an absolute godsend (plus the plasters my dad bought me before.)

My legs and knees were absolutely done in at the end of the race and honestly it took me about two days to fully recover.

I realise now that I have to start doing some more long distance training, because for some ridiculous reason I've signed up to do the Hackney Half Marathon. Why? I don't know.

So I'm off out for a run now to see how my knees are gonna hold up. Wish me luck.


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