Monday, 19 May 2014

ootd: air force 1 autoclave

Last year, I was interviewed for The Social, which is a feature on One of the questions was "have you ever bought a pair of shoes just to put on ice" and my response was "Never; I buy shoes on my lunch break and wear them home that day."

Today was no different day.

I've been after a slimmer silhouetted, for a better word, pump, for a while. I recently brought back my Tennis Classic from 2010 into regular rotation but wanted an alternative and contemplated about going for a pair of new Converse but they've altered the tab on the tongue and the back of the shoe which I'm not crazy about so I decided against them. Small details I know, but it's important you like what you're buying.

Anyway, when I saw on Nike they had the Air Force 1 Auto Clave I realised this was the answer to all my slim-shoe questions.

They came today and I'm pretty happy with them. I've got no idea what Auto Clave means, so if you fancy being a Smart Alec, then please let me know. They're basically a canvas Air Force 1, a lot slimmer, a lot lighter and a lot more suitable for summer than regular Air Force 1s.

Me gusta.


Vest - Weekday
Jeans - Asda


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