Sunday, 8 February 2015

airplane mode.

Over the past few months I’ve found myself flying more than I usually do.

Since October, I’ve been on 16 flights across Europe. Nowhere too far, two hours max maybe, but as I’ve taken more and more flights, I’ve learnt more and more tricks. 

Now, I will share said tricks.

If you’ve got an early morning flight, don’t bother wasting 20 minutes doing make up before you fly. By the time you’ve landed in your destination, it’ll look like shit. Mine does anyway. I put on eyebrow gel, mascara and moisturiser when I get up, then I’ll do my make up in the airport bathroom when I land. It’ll look much better, plus you’ll get an extra 20 minutes in bed. 

I take daily medication for epilepsy so I always make sure that’s in my hand luggage, just incase my hold luggage goes missing on an outbound flight - if it did, I’d be in a mess. Also, make sure you take more than enough meds with you and make sure you have enough at home for when you get back. 

Charge your electrics wherever you can in the airport when you’re waiting round, even if you’re at about 80%. It’ll go quicker than you realise. Your phone can still access Wifi when on Airplane mode, so to save battery I switch that on, but can still access the internet in the airport. Plus, it makes it charge faster.

I like to screenshot my boarding card so it’s easy to find, incase I don’t have the airline’s app installed on my phone. I also like to be a bit of a crank and print my boarding card off at the airport if I see a free machine, just incase I run outta battery.

When you know you’re on your way to go through security, get everything out ready. Don’t be that person in the queue, holding everybody up because they didn’t take their belt off or they didn’t take their laptop out their bag.

Don’t take it easy and take your time, because guaranteed, there will be people behind you who will be rushing to catch a flight and they will be angry at you and they will hate you, even though they don’t even know you, because you are making them miss their flight. 

Pack a t-shirt/hoody, leggings, sports bra and trainers wherever you go, if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill before meetings in the morning, or even if you arrive in the city on an evening flight, it’s nice to explore the neighbourhood by going on a little run in a new place. 

Drink as much water before/during the flight as possible. You getting a beer on the plane to ease yourself into the weekend? Get a water too. The cabin pressure does something crazy to your brain and makes you feel pretty shitfaced pretty easily. It’ll also obviously keep you hydrated in that awful cabin air. 

Pack tissues. I’m not a tissue kinda gal. I don’t blow my nose in public, so I rarely carry them round with me. This week however, during take-off from Amsterdam to Munich, the smartly dressed gentleman sitting next to me threw up all over himself. And myself. 

Luckily, I randomly put tissues in my bag when I was packing, so I passed them over to him and he could clean himself up before he ran to the bathroom (and stayed there for the duration of the flight.)

And finally, use the time on these flights to get shit done. Organise your inbox, sort out your documents, draft up emails ready to send as soon as you land. 

The hour and ten minutes you’re up in the air can turn out to be pretty useful. 


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