Saturday, 31 January 2009

Have the cutest couple ever broken up?

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan? Just a little rumour I heard. Sad times. Such a good looking and well dressed couple! How amazing is Li-Lo. I just love love love her long red hair. I wish my hair was long!

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Friday, 30 January 2009

A pair of star cross' lovers take their life

So I watched Romeo and Juliet this afternoon, and started to think about my life, and my great loves, and my love life, and not much really came of it. But I did write out some pretty amazing lines from the play which are pretty romantic, and with Valentines day round the corner, my heart is bubbling something pretty at the moment..

My lips, two brushing pilgrims,
Ready stand,
To smooth that touch with a tender kiss.

You are a lover,
Borrow Cupid's wings and soar
With them above, a common bound. 

If love be rough with you,
Be rough with love. 

I'm still not sure what the purpose of my blog is yet. I don't think it's going to be this fashion masterpiece which I imagined it to be. Just a little collection of thoughts, musings, music and pretty pictures.

Night night x x x


Thursday, 29 January 2009

love love love Marc Jacobs


Little break in between practicing Shorthand

Woke up late, again. I have no idea how on earth I am going to wake up early every day when I start college. Lazed around for an hour or so, and dragged myself out of bed to make Cheerio's and start on this Shorthand. It is so confusing but once you get your mind round the concept of it, it's kind of exciting. I love that feeling when you understand something new, and you want to learn more about it. Anyway, just getting to grips with it for now. We'll see how I feel in a few weeks. No doubt I'll hate it. 

My tutor just called with news of a new job. In Manchester, some company with an extremely tacky name which sounds horrendous, but any experience is good I guess, especially in this current state of things. Hopefully I'll be able to work things round college, so maybe start it at the end of my course... Who knows hey. Still need to write to Kirsty Doyle asking her if she needs any help. She won Project Catwalk a few years ago, and is from Liverpool. 
A few more little piccies below from Spain 08. These were taken in Valencia. I miss sunshine.


Ice skating, Tokyou and Shorthand.

Went Ice Skating tonight which was really fun! So tired from it now though, but it was nice to do something different! Went into town before it though. I had to get a book on Shorthand for my course which starts on Monday. It looks sooo difficult but I guess it's another string to the bow. I wore skinny jeans, rolled up, with my white minnetonka's. I had my fur coat on to keep me warm, and an American Apparel hoody in my bag just incase I got too cold. 

I had on my grey Y3 hat which I bought from the Yohji Yammamoto store in Paris a couple of years ago. It comes out every 
winter, and soo many people comment on it. It's kind of like, "ironic fashion". So like, somebody, who obviously isn't a scal, wears scally things. Like Y3 hats, or Barbour jackets, or adidas tracky pants. Or adidas campus trainers... Just a Liverpool Fashion Culture I guess. I got my mate Jack this
 book on Liverpool Fashion back to the days where footy fans would go over into cities in Europe, like Germany, to watch the match and bring back new trainees that people in the terraces hadn't seen before, but loved. It was where the likes of Wade Smith came from I think. Anyway, back in the 70s, 80s, the lads in Liverpool were pretty well dressed; they had a style all their own. Trim Trabs, or adi Samba with a white Fred Perry shirt and slim fit jeans. Now that style is still around. Those guys weren't even trying to be cool but they just looked class. 

Had a little bite to eat in Tokyou. Had a massive plate of chicken and black bean sauce (pig). I love it in there, but you know, pretty soon, people hear about things, and scals get involved. There were some scouse chicks in there, like full on wannabe wag-heads. Piss me off big time. Same goes for American Apparel Liverpool. Things become uncool, when they got popular. Don't get me wrong, people might have been thinking the same thing when I started shopping there, but my Mum was the first person to buy me anything from there, like for Christmas 2 years ago. What a pioneer she is. 

I just read about a new exhibition opening in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, called Fashion V Sport, which is about the crossover that has happened where designers have done work for sportswear companies, funnily enough like Yohji Yammamoto with adi. Anyway, just emailed, blagging i'm a freelance journalist asking if I can go to the exhibition opening to write up a story about it. Let's see hey. Oh, heard about the Burberry job today. They only pay travel expenses. Wooooshhh no thank you sir! It's like cheap labour basically. I know this one girl working at L.K Bennett for £9 a day. Pardonne-moi? Just over
 a pound an hour, and that's if she only does 8 hours, no doubt she's asked to graft for at least 2 more hours than that. 

This fashion world is cut throat at the moment. There are no good jobs around, and nobody is willing to pay, unless you are willing to pay!

The debate about summer holidays has come up.
The following options currently exist...
Benicassim for the 3rd year running. Currently sounding pretty tempting after reminiscing about all the amazing times from the past two years, over dinner. P.s, Oasis have been confirmed, which would be unreal, but I only bloody went and bought tickets to go and see them in June 2009 didn't I!
Rock Werchter - The line up was amazing last year, and I'd love to see what this year's looks like.
Exit Fest in Serbia - currently not an option for me. Two words - Fuck Serbia.

I bid you good night, hopefully I will write here tomorrow instead of facebook. 
Lollipop x x

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Las Photographicas

Sex and the Benicassim 2008.
L-R, Myself, Bethany, Ellie Dez and Michaela. 
Pink adidas tennis dress and "white" Converse, perfect for a night of dancing to music underneath the Spanish Moonlight.


New Year's Resolutions

I know we're a month in now, but I think, better late than never, so maybe this will be, New Year's Resolutions, as of, February 2009.

Ok so..

Write more, whether it's blogging, in a diary or whatever, just translate thoughts onto paper.

Sketchbook more, be more creative, don't just sit infront of the tv.

Take more photos, get them developed, don't just upload them to Facebook.

Don't go on Facebook as much. Blog more!

Exercise! I just lost over a stone, I don't want to put it back on!

Buy investment pieces. Just an excuse to shop really.

Go to the cinema once a week.

P.s, not long until Valentines day......

From Toxteth to Belleville...

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This thing is addictive

I've been going through some chick's fashion blog, and while it looks incredible, it's all regurgitated fluff. Don't get me wrong, I'm entirely jealous of how hers looks, but it seems that all I have to do to make a good read, is to take thousands of photographs of me in various outfits. So as of tomorrow, my page will potentially be plastered with picture upon picture of me and my outfits. Ho hum. 

Sorry to leave on a semi-negative point.
Here's a nice ending though 

Go girl! Seek happy days to happy nights.


Birthday List

My 21st is on the 21st March, so quite a while away, but I have started to compile a list of things I might like...

Burberry Scarf
A Cross the Universe - Justice DVD
Prada Medium Mattelasse Bag

Boyz || Men, Bob Dylan and TLC

Bought 3 CDs tonight, see above. Just listening to Boyz || Men. 
Decided to give this whole writing thing another go. I must persevere if I want to get anywhere with it. 

Last week I applied to do a course at Liverpool Community College to do periodical journalism for magazines. It looks really cool, and the room that I did my interview/exam in had about 25 iMacs in. I was so excited! Luckily, I passed the test, so I am due to start on the 3rd of February. However, the next day, my tutor from Uni called and said that a possible job has come up at Burberry. I think it's technical assistant or something, which is so not what I'm into, but I just think, imagine my CV saying 3 months Burberry, and 6 months at Ralph Lauren. Woosh. 

My brother has just come into my room, stoned, eating Cheerio's that I bought earlier, along with the CDs and some strawberry laces. 

Today I downloaded songs by the following::
The Misfits
The Mars Volta
and Glasvegas - shit - don't waste your time listening to them. 

Bought Harpers Bazaar today too. Class! Actually such a lovely magazine. Such a nice break from Vogue. Saying that, my favourite magazine of all time is Teen Vogue. It's boss. 

I'm trying to upload piccies but it doesn't seem to be letting me. 

Peace chicas x x


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Blog Virgin

So here it goes...
Numero uno.
I've decided to start blogging to translate my scribbles from my notepad into truetype font. I'm not sure what it is going to be about... Fashion diaries or music playlists.. I'm not sure yet.
So let's kick off with a dear diary...

Dear Diary,
Today I got asked if I could work at London Fashion Week, for a fashion ezine that I've done a couple of articles for. Wow was my answer, how amazing does that sound!? I'm not going wild yet though, as sometimes things fall through, but I hope to god this doesn't.
Sadly, I had to take my MacBook to get the disc-drive fixed today, and it will be back with me in "10 to 14 working days" so I'm stuck on a Vista laptop. Not cool.
I arrived in town late (because of just finding out about LFW and replying "Yes, yes a thousand times yes!") so I ran to the apple store as fast as my Minnetonka Moccasins would carry me. I had to hold on to my Y3 beanie hat as I dashed through the crowds of shoppers!

On thursday I went out with my L.C girls, to a friends place in town, where we found a lovely box of different flavour Absolut Vodkas, and I bagsied the Vanilla bottle. I'm not a big drinker (for reasons that will no doubt be revealed in later posts) but that is lovely with diet coke out of a Martini glass! Well, I wore my latest fashion purchase, which is an H+M oversized long waistcoat, (£15 in the sale). I wore that with a t shirt, which supports the Solve This Ongoing Problem (STOP) which instead of a T, it is an image of a knife, and instead of a P it is an image of a gun. The t-shirts are really cool, and support a good cause. The charity is run by 2 tweenagers in London, who have had friends who are victims of guncrimes, and now their message is going pretty far. I bought mine from ebay, and I get a lot of questions asked about it. So, (fashion for fashion's sake) I bought a man's size medium, so it's pretty baggy, so I sliced the sleeves off and made it into a skinny vest, wore it with croc-effect American Apparel leggings, chunky tan wooden wedges and my old battered fur coat, and I was hot to trot; dancing with my chicks in Liverpool's latest hotspot, Mojo, dancing on the tables to early Strokes songs and MGMT. Amazing night, finished it off with Chicken Nugz. Perfection.
I'm going to load some photos up tomorrow I think, but for now, I bid you good night and what an enjoyable first blog this was!
McBride x
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