Sunday, 11 January 2009

Blog Virgin

So here it goes...
Numero uno.
I've decided to start blogging to translate my scribbles from my notepad into truetype font. I'm not sure what it is going to be about... Fashion diaries or music playlists.. I'm not sure yet.
So let's kick off with a dear diary...

Dear Diary,
Today I got asked if I could work at London Fashion Week, for a fashion ezine that I've done a couple of articles for. Wow was my answer, how amazing does that sound!? I'm not going wild yet though, as sometimes things fall through, but I hope to god this doesn't.
Sadly, I had to take my MacBook to get the disc-drive fixed today, and it will be back with me in "10 to 14 working days" so I'm stuck on a Vista laptop. Not cool.
I arrived in town late (because of just finding out about LFW and replying "Yes, yes a thousand times yes!") so I ran to the apple store as fast as my Minnetonka Moccasins would carry me. I had to hold on to my Y3 beanie hat as I dashed through the crowds of shoppers!

On thursday I went out with my L.C girls, to a friends place in town, where we found a lovely box of different flavour Absolut Vodkas, and I bagsied the Vanilla bottle. I'm not a big drinker (for reasons that will no doubt be revealed in later posts) but that is lovely with diet coke out of a Martini glass! Well, I wore my latest fashion purchase, which is an H+M oversized long waistcoat, (£15 in the sale). I wore that with a t shirt, which supports the Solve This Ongoing Problem (STOP) which instead of a T, it is an image of a knife, and instead of a P it is an image of a gun. The t-shirts are really cool, and support a good cause. The charity is run by 2 tweenagers in London, who have had friends who are victims of guncrimes, and now their message is going pretty far. I bought mine from ebay, and I get a lot of questions asked about it. So, (fashion for fashion's sake) I bought a man's size medium, so it's pretty baggy, so I sliced the sleeves off and made it into a skinny vest, wore it with croc-effect American Apparel leggings, chunky tan wooden wedges and my old battered fur coat, and I was hot to trot; dancing with my chicks in Liverpool's latest hotspot, Mojo, dancing on the tables to early Strokes songs and MGMT. Amazing night, finished it off with Chicken Nugz. Perfection.
I'm going to load some photos up tomorrow I think, but for now, I bid you good night and what an enjoyable first blog this was!
McBride x

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