Thursday, 29 January 2009

Little break in between practicing Shorthand

Woke up late, again. I have no idea how on earth I am going to wake up early every day when I start college. Lazed around for an hour or so, and dragged myself out of bed to make Cheerio's and start on this Shorthand. It is so confusing but once you get your mind round the concept of it, it's kind of exciting. I love that feeling when you understand something new, and you want to learn more about it. Anyway, just getting to grips with it for now. We'll see how I feel in a few weeks. No doubt I'll hate it. 

My tutor just called with news of a new job. In Manchester, some company with an extremely tacky name which sounds horrendous, but any experience is good I guess, especially in this current state of things. Hopefully I'll be able to work things round college, so maybe start it at the end of my course... Who knows hey. Still need to write to Kirsty Doyle asking her if she needs any help. She won Project Catwalk a few years ago, and is from Liverpool. 
A few more little piccies below from Spain 08. These were taken in Valencia. I miss sunshine.


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