Saturday, 28 February 2009

Boredom = Photobooth

I have not done a lot today. I will not lie to you. I have been very bored. New updates for the Benicassim line up though. So far we have...

Kings of Leon
The Killers
Paul Weller
Friendly Fires
The White Lies
Boys Noize...

Friday, 27 February 2009

Good eve

I shall post a mini mix tomorrow morning, for tonight, my teeth are so sore. Damn Zoom Whitening.


Thursday, 26 February 2009

McQueen 09

We've all heard the horror stories from the unpaid interns working at McQueen, but here's a little dress I found which actually rather gorgeous. 

Camilla Belle completely rocks it at the Push Premiere. That bitch is gorgeous! 



Love love love bag against the patent leather shoe boots.
Thumbs up Alexa (y)


Kinda sad, but kinda interesting. What secrets would you post?!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


So is it just me, or are there no good clothes around at the moment!? I went everywhere, and found nothing! My final stop was Primark, and bought a cute little wooden bag, a cute purple vest and a little leather belt, all 3 for under 20 quid! Sometimes I think, oh i'll get a dress from Topshop, but then I  think, I could probably get something similar for at least half the price in Primark... It's almost as if there is a Trickle Down effect of high street stores, so like, Reiss - Topshop - Primark. Don't get me wrong, but if I had the mulah, I'd be shopping in Reiss or somewhere even nicer. Ah a chick can dream. 


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Credit crunch chic buys of the week

I'm a poet and I don't even know it..

Just a couple of pieces I've found in the past half hour, that won't break the bank...

New Look 
Sailor Tee

Love the baggy sleeves. Wear with drainpipes rolled up with deck shoes, for perfect sailor chic. N.B, deck shoes for about a tenner in Primark in several colours. Pretty cute. 

Multi strap patent leather heels. 
Mega sexy.
River Island

 Pink rafia bracelet
River Island

Long Tee from New Look
Wear with over-the-knee socks and killer heels 

Legalize Gay!

First came Legalize LA, now comes Legalize Gay! These are to protest against Prop 8, which struck down the legalization of same-sex marriages. 
Along with Legalize Gay, are two jackets which I'm adding to my birthday list. The acid wash hood and the poplin hooded jacket. Good shit. x

chick of the day

My Chick of the day is Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. She has had so much stick since the band began, labelled the ugly one. Now she has really grown up, and is comfy in her own skin. She's embraced her amazing red hair, and pale skin, and now looks amazing. I love her big bouncy bob! It makes me want to get short hair extensions, because my hair at the moment is a pain in the ass. It's in between lengths and is so annoying! Anyway, Nicola dresses really well too and (minus her weird looking hand on this photo!) is really starting to stand out from the rest of the girls. 

Thursday, 19 February 2009

ready to wear...

So imagine a white vest under the jacket, with black harem pants, these shoes, plus the jewellery and a black clutch. Wonderful. X

I think neon is here to stay...

Brights are back this season, colour blocking in a big way especially. Not too sure if the Day Glo route is for me, but I love the black and purple body con dress seen in the middle of the collage. Available from






Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Baby is here!

Congratulations beautiful! 
Maya is so cool isn't she. I was talking to my friend yesterday and we were both in agreement of how cool she actually is. She dresses so well, and her music is completely different from anything else out there at the moment. I love the work that she does with another of my favourites, Diplo. I got shivers when I heard the intro to the song in the film Slumdog Millionaire. With her videos, appearance, what she wears, her performances, it's just the vibrancy and the culture that exudes from her. I don't think she'll be at any festivals this year though, because of the baby. She's said she'll tour in 2010 though, so we'll have to wait until then. 


Monday, 16 February 2009


This trend seems to be everywhere at the moment.. So I thought I'd get on that band wagon!

25 things you may not know about me.

1) I got diagnosed with having Epilepsy when I was 19, and have had about 7 fits since then. My drivers license was taken off me, which took me 5 failed tests to finally pass! My last fit was in October, and if I don't fit up until October of this year, I get my license back.

2) I first started wearing Converse for school when I was 14 (I went to a private school, where the only thing cool was designer) Everybody used to skit me for them, and be like "What the hell are they, they are hideous." Little did they know that a year on, everybody would own a pair.

3) My iTunes currently has 6477 songs in it, so if I don't touch it, and let it play, the same song won't come up for 17.8 days.

4) Carrie Bradshaw is my idol. A fashion icon, and an icon for young writers out there. 

5) I have two tattoos. One on my right wrist that says Flau Flau which is the name that my Granny called me when I was little, and I have Solace in the comfort of Music written on my right foot. It's a song lyric that my brother wrote so it's kind of dedicated to him.

6) I have never had my heart broken, but I did break it myself when I was 18. I drunkenly kissed another guy in front of my boyfriend and he finished with me straight away. I was heart broken; I cried for days. We ended up getting back together but finished a couple of months later, and he ended up getting back together with his girlfriend who he was with before me. Kinda makes you feel like you were a temporary thing. He's spent the night at mine 3 times since he's been back with her.. but I'm guessing she doesn't know that. 

8) I love Agent Provocateur and its ad campaigns. I only own one pair of knickers from there, but I would like some more.

9) I used to work as a Buyers' Assistant at Ralph Lauren.

10) My first holiday was to Singapore when I was 1. 

11) I like to drink at least 6 cups of tea a day.

12) I've had my teeth professionally whitened. Afterwards, it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world; the pain was unreal.

13) I have a really good memory, I'm surprised when I don't remember things that have happened.

14) I have been to Benicassim and Creamfields twice.

15) I used to work for Gap in Liverpool. I miss working there. I've made friends for life with my regular customers, and I got to meet so many new people. 

16) I've been with my boyfriend for over a year. Our anniversary is the 2nd of February. This is a long time. I didn't know him properly before Christmas/New Year time 2007/2008, and he's now like my best friend. He is very handsome, and generous. He makes me laugh, and keeps me on the straight and narrow. I would be a mess without him. 

17) My favorite episode of Sex and the City is Splat! If only for the argument scene with Miranda and Carrie. In A Change of Dress, during the scene when Carrie and Aiden break up, I cry so much, it's as if it's real life and it's happening to me. I always cry during  An American Girl in Paris Part Deux, even though I think I've seen it 30 times or so. My favorite part is when Carrie is at the front desk of the hotel, and she is picking up the diamonds from her necklace, and Big walks through the revolving doors and they meet eyes. I cry with joy at that moment. 

18) When I was 14, I was mad mad mad about Busted. I went to see them like 4 times, and was even in one of their videos. I was convinced I was going to marry Charlie Simpson.

19) I have a few "great men" in my life, who I feel safe around, or who hold strong significance to me. My dad is old and wise, my brother has a refreshing view on life, Jack is my brother from another mother, Mikey is my Mr Big and my boyfriend is amazing. 

20) When I get married, the first song I want to dance to is Kissing You, by Des'ree. 

21) Samantha Ronson is one of my fashion icons. When I was younger I used to be into the whole trainer thing, and she was rocking that look too. I've had other girl crushes- Kelly Osbourne, Ashlee Simpson, and Lily Cole.

22) I love love love the following men- Vince Vaughn, Paul Rudd, Chris Noth and Edward Norton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Benjamin McKenzie.

23) I once organised a fashion show and raised £1400 for Oxfam. I'd like to do something else like that, but on a bigger scale.

24) I love dictionaries, and old books. I like the smell of them. I like poems, and books about cities. Travel guides, and atlases. I never throw fashion magazines away. I have boxes full of Vogue, Elle and Harpers. I want a gorgeous antique wooden book case to put them all in.

25) I want to visit every continent. So far, I've yet to visit South America, Antarctica and Australia.

That's it! There's probably more, but this has taken me like an hour to do! In between watching Sex and The City though.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

L, is for the way you look at me..

Valentines day has come and gone for another year. This year was the first time I've properly celebrated this day, and it was a pretty nice day spent with the boy. It almost felt like Christmas, like we were with each other at 12 when it turned Valentines and like straight away I felt obliged, or wanted to say Happy Valentines day to him! 
I'd known for weeks that he was getting me a Links Sweetie Bracelet, but little did he know that I was getting him the same one too! Hehe and he loved it!

We went to Circo, and we drank cocktails, watched Burlesque dancers and fire eaters, it was a really cool night. He looked pretty dashing too, wearing a blazer, jumper and crisp white shirt with dark navy slim fit jeans and black shoes. I felt pretty proud when he was holding my hand :) It makes you realise that having a guy, especially at this time of the year is amazing. It's fun being single, being on the blag is class, but there is nothing better than having a handsome boy telling you he loves you on Valentines day. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Hey hey hey. Didn't post yesterday, and maybe didn't the day before, which feels a bit odd. 
Started college yesterday which is exciting. My tutors s
eem pretty cool and the group I'm in seem pretty sound. There's only 10 of us in the class I think. We do 2 hours of short hand 3 times a week which I think might be a bit of a killer but I've got to be able to write 80 words a minute. For those of you who don't know what shorthand is, it's this. Don't ask why it's the Lord's Prayer! That just came up. Anyway, it's a bit tricky.
We work with iMacs which are so gorgeous it's untrue. I think there's only 3 of us in the class who are Mac users. I walked back from college, which was a good idea at the time, but by the end of it, 45 minutes later, I was just like, why did I not just get the bus?! Decided I'm going to try and walk back though from Uni.. get a bit of much needed exercise back into my life. 
Just spoke to this guy on FB about a Fashion Show that's happening in Circo (an amazing bar in Liverpool where I had my 20th party) in March or April, which I really want to help out with! It should be cool! Need to get as much experience on my CV as poss!
Sleepy now, and gotta paint my nails. Mwah x x x

Monday, 2 February 2009


I've been practicing my shorthand again today, it's been going alright. I got bored after two hours though so my mind wandered elsewhere, into the kitchen to eat a hot cross bun with a cup of tea. Going to take my dog (Ash) out later in the snow with the boy, which should be cute. 

I couldn't think of a better day to watch Splat! Which is the 3rd to last Sex and The City episode ever, and my personal favourite episode ever. It's been snow snow snowing so much today. It looks gorgeous outside, so calm. A white blanket covering the trees and grass. It's getting pretty thick! I love it in Splat! where Carrie describes the silent snow as "White Noise." 
"The city was silent. There were no more questions. Only white noise."

Another reason I love this episode is the drama and emotion which is put into the argument between Carrie and Miranda. It's really powerful.

"I think you're making a mistake."
"Miranda, please." 
"Carrie, you can't quit your column; it's who you are!"
"No it's not who I am! It's what I do! That's my column. You know, I think I should go home."
"What!? I'm not allowed to have an opinion?"
"Oh, you have an opinion, you've had it for quite some time."
"What are you going to do over there without your job? Eat croissant?!"
"Why can't you been happy for me?"
"I'm sorry but, I don't understand why you have to move away and give up your life."
"You moved to Brooklyn!"
"That's just Brooklyn!"
"I cannot stay in New York and be single, for you!"
"This is about you, as long as I'm here, in the same place, writing my column, then nothing has really changed."
"No this is about you."
"No. You moved on, Charlotte's moved on, even Samantha's moved on! I can stay here and write about my life, or I can go with him and live my life."
"You mean his life?"
"Carrie I love you, come on!"
"Then just say it, you don't like him."
"Fine, I don't like him."
"Then don't you, go to Paris with him."
"You're living in a fantasy!"

x x x

Sunday, 1 February 2009


How incredible does lil' Miss SJP look here. I love the styling and the background, I just wish the image was a little bigger...
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Spring/Summer 09 Round Up (WIP)


Who's that girl...

My mum has had an architect in to our house to have a look at getting my side of the house done up which I'm pretty excited about. Below are some pictures of the apartment of my idol, Miss Caroline Marie Bradshaw, or as we know and love her, Carrie. Is it possible for one's idol to be fictional? When I was growing up, my idol was Lisa Simpson, so I don't know if a shrink would have something to say about that... Anyway, some pics below of how I'd love my new room to look. 
I have a lot of books, and fashion magazines and I really really want a big old antique bookcase, and a gorgeous walk-in closet. But maybe I'm just dreaming... 

Happy February!

Coming up this month, in no particular order...

College begins 3rd February.

Deadline for latest La Geneve assignment to be sent - 5th February.

Go to the theatre to watch Arthur Miller's The Price (6th to the 28th February).

He's Just Not That Into You, out 6th February.

Vintage Fashion Fair at Liverpool JMU Student's Union Saturday 7th February.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, out 6th February too.

Valentine's Day and my Mum's Birthday, 14th February.

London Fashion Week 21st to the 25th February.

This month is going to be pretty busy!

Let's hope I find myself some money to support myself!

Fashion V Sport

Heard back from somebody at the Walker Art Gallery about the Fashion V Sport exhibition. He sent me a press release and some photos, one which was pretty cool. I still want to try and blag an invitation to the opening, but here's hoping. I start college on Tuesday which I'm excited/apprehensive for. Going to Crosby Beach today for a walk which should be good. It's sunny but cold, and meant to snow on Tuesday! Watched the Sex and The City Movie this morning, again. Cried, again. It's incredible. Carrie is luminous. Makes you want to go to New York and walk around in high heels. My mum has been discussing my birthday, and she offered maybe going on a little trip, Dubai for three days (erm OMG) but I hate to sound like a brat but I really want to go to New York again. I love love love it there. Stayed in last night with the boy and strawberry laces and watched Waiters? Or waiting or something. Some film with Ryan Reynolds in. Proper funny like. I've started weaning myself off FB and coming on this more. Which is a good thing.
I better go and get a shower, so I'm all ready for when my mum gets back. Peace, have a nice day girls. x x x x
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