Monday, 16 February 2009


This trend seems to be everywhere at the moment.. So I thought I'd get on that band wagon!

25 things you may not know about me.

1) I got diagnosed with having Epilepsy when I was 19, and have had about 7 fits since then. My drivers license was taken off me, which took me 5 failed tests to finally pass! My last fit was in October, and if I don't fit up until October of this year, I get my license back.

2) I first started wearing Converse for school when I was 14 (I went to a private school, where the only thing cool was designer) Everybody used to skit me for them, and be like "What the hell are they, they are hideous." Little did they know that a year on, everybody would own a pair.

3) My iTunes currently has 6477 songs in it, so if I don't touch it, and let it play, the same song won't come up for 17.8 days.

4) Carrie Bradshaw is my idol. A fashion icon, and an icon for young writers out there. 

5) I have two tattoos. One on my right wrist that says Flau Flau which is the name that my Granny called me when I was little, and I have Solace in the comfort of Music written on my right foot. It's a song lyric that my brother wrote so it's kind of dedicated to him.

6) I have never had my heart broken, but I did break it myself when I was 18. I drunkenly kissed another guy in front of my boyfriend and he finished with me straight away. I was heart broken; I cried for days. We ended up getting back together but finished a couple of months later, and he ended up getting back together with his girlfriend who he was with before me. Kinda makes you feel like you were a temporary thing. He's spent the night at mine 3 times since he's been back with her.. but I'm guessing she doesn't know that. 

8) I love Agent Provocateur and its ad campaigns. I only own one pair of knickers from there, but I would like some more.

9) I used to work as a Buyers' Assistant at Ralph Lauren.

10) My first holiday was to Singapore when I was 1. 

11) I like to drink at least 6 cups of tea a day.

12) I've had my teeth professionally whitened. Afterwards, it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world; the pain was unreal.

13) I have a really good memory, I'm surprised when I don't remember things that have happened.

14) I have been to Benicassim and Creamfields twice.

15) I used to work for Gap in Liverpool. I miss working there. I've made friends for life with my regular customers, and I got to meet so many new people. 

16) I've been with my boyfriend for over a year. Our anniversary is the 2nd of February. This is a long time. I didn't know him properly before Christmas/New Year time 2007/2008, and he's now like my best friend. He is very handsome, and generous. He makes me laugh, and keeps me on the straight and narrow. I would be a mess without him. 

17) My favorite episode of Sex and the City is Splat! If only for the argument scene with Miranda and Carrie. In A Change of Dress, during the scene when Carrie and Aiden break up, I cry so much, it's as if it's real life and it's happening to me. I always cry during  An American Girl in Paris Part Deux, even though I think I've seen it 30 times or so. My favorite part is when Carrie is at the front desk of the hotel, and she is picking up the diamonds from her necklace, and Big walks through the revolving doors and they meet eyes. I cry with joy at that moment. 

18) When I was 14, I was mad mad mad about Busted. I went to see them like 4 times, and was even in one of their videos. I was convinced I was going to marry Charlie Simpson.

19) I have a few "great men" in my life, who I feel safe around, or who hold strong significance to me. My dad is old and wise, my brother has a refreshing view on life, Jack is my brother from another mother, Mikey is my Mr Big and my boyfriend is amazing. 

20) When I get married, the first song I want to dance to is Kissing You, by Des'ree. 

21) Samantha Ronson is one of my fashion icons. When I was younger I used to be into the whole trainer thing, and she was rocking that look too. I've had other girl crushes- Kelly Osbourne, Ashlee Simpson, and Lily Cole.

22) I love love love the following men- Vince Vaughn, Paul Rudd, Chris Noth and Edward Norton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Benjamin McKenzie.

23) I once organised a fashion show and raised £1400 for Oxfam. I'd like to do something else like that, but on a bigger scale.

24) I love dictionaries, and old books. I like the smell of them. I like poems, and books about cities. Travel guides, and atlases. I never throw fashion magazines away. I have boxes full of Vogue, Elle and Harpers. I want a gorgeous antique wooden book case to put them all in.

25) I want to visit every continent. So far, I've yet to visit South America, Antarctica and Australia.

That's it! There's probably more, but this has taken me like an hour to do! In between watching Sex and The City though.


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  1. Ooh I should post my '25 Things' thing on my blog...

    I am quite similar to you it seems, which is cool. And you sound like you are definitely on the up and up in the fashion world!

    I hope to be going to Benicassim this summer!


Much love. x

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