Sunday, 1 February 2009

Fashion V Sport

Heard back from somebody at the Walker Art Gallery about the Fashion V Sport exhibition. He sent me a press release and some photos, one which was pretty cool. I still want to try and blag an invitation to the opening, but here's hoping. I start college on Tuesday which I'm excited/apprehensive for. Going to Crosby Beach today for a walk which should be good. It's sunny but cold, and meant to snow on Tuesday! Watched the Sex and The City Movie this morning, again. Cried, again. It's incredible. Carrie is luminous. Makes you want to go to New York and walk around in high heels. My mum has been discussing my birthday, and she offered maybe going on a little trip, Dubai for three days (erm OMG) but I hate to sound like a brat but I really want to go to New York again. I love love love it there. Stayed in last night with the boy and strawberry laces and watched Waiters? Or waiting or something. Some film with Ryan Reynolds in. Proper funny like. I've started weaning myself off FB and coming on this more. Which is a good thing.
I better go and get a shower, so I'm all ready for when my mum gets back. Peace, have a nice day girls. x x x x

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