Sunday, 8 March 2009

It's a new dawn, it's a new day...

Boy Oh Boy I can't wait to get this week finished! For some reason its been great/terrible. 
On Tuesday I was helping Kirsty Doyle at the Bar and Grill in Liverpool, and got my eyelashes done by the fabulous Peaches and Cream. They are make up artists who have their own beauty boutique where you pay to go and get your make up done for a night out, and they customise things to how you want it, they use Swarovski (sp?!) Crystals and they are amazing. Both of the girls used to work for Chanel, and they are doing really really well in Liverpool. So anyway...

The rest of the week was pretty good-college was fine, I got told that my first article I wrote on Ropewalks doesn't need to be changed and can be submitted as it is which is boss. Went out for noodles and drinks with college people which was fun. I like hanging round with new people and we all get on really well.

On Friday I went out for dinner for the Boyfriend's birthday, which was nice, had some amazing risotto. There was about 10 of us, and we just laughed the whole night. I did not however laugh at the blisters on my feet from the trek that we made to get to the restaurant. 
On Saturday my friend Erin(the model from the KiKi Shoot) called and asked if I wanted to go for coffee, so we chilled in Starbucks for about an hour, and then she dropped me off at mine and I rushed into town and did a little bit of shopping with mummy dearest. 
Last night we went to a 21st Birthday Party and stayed in the hotel where it was, and we were upgraded to like, an executive suite or something, it was incredible. The night was cut short however, when my boy decided to drink 5 brandy and cokes and drink 2 bottles of wine, thus starting an argument with me, and I went to bed at 12. What a party pooper. 

Here's some photos of the weekend anyway...
Here's what I wore on friday for the meal and drinks
Topshop-Tux Delux blazer and asos dress

Me and my Boy before the argument...

Going to do another post with my purchases of the week


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