Sunday, 15 March 2009

Little Weekend Roundup

Hey guys!
Watched Blow on Friday at a friend's house. Has anybody seen it? I thought it was really good, and Johnny Depp is Just Divine. 
Saturday, got up at early bells and went into town, birthday shopping pour moi. Got an a black 16 gb iPhone, Vivienne Westwood wallet, and an American Apparel dress (the champagne high waisted skirt one from a couple of posts below) but think I might change it for the navy at some point this week. 
Went to see Bronson last night at Fact, and ate a Twister Lolly while watching it. I loved the film, and Tom Hardy is so fit! He's a proper hench like, and not fit in the film, but is an absolute ledge normally. 
Today I rode my bike up to my mum's work to help her out with accounts and stuff, and listened to Bob Dylan on the way up, it only took two songs to ride up there, Blowin' in the wind, and It ain't me Babe. Wore my Ray Ban Tortoise Shell Wayfarers and it was just so lovely! I really want to start riding the bike more, try and get fit and lose a few pounds. 
Not up to much today, maybe start an article on Epilepsy for college, and see what's going on in cyberspace.
Peace out ladies.

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  1. Johnny Depp is great in everything! Blow, especially. I haven't seen that move for a long long time, but it is superb.


Much love. x

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