Monday, 16 March 2009

Make Up Haul

Hi Guys!
Thought I'd do a little make up haul while I've got a free afternoon.
Now this is a bit of a different make up haul, because all of these products are from..wait for it... primark! I got some little bits n bobs last week because I was returning some things, and all the featured products were £1 each. I think you can afford to experiment with make up from there because it is so cheap! And a couple of them I've started using every day!

So here we have the Face Highlighter and Cheek and Lip tint which are a copy of the Benefit High Beam and Moon Beam products. 
I was really surprised at these two items, the highlighter is a nice thick consistency, and you don't need to use much at all, and it spreads out nicely to make a thin layer on your cheeks, brow bone etc.
The Cheek and Lip tint was really nice too, and the colour stays on your lips; it's a nice base to put a clear/pinky lipgloss on top of it, and works nicely on cheeks to then build up and put regular blush on top.

Next up is a little eye shadow Duo in White and Charcoal. I was really impressed with the charcoal, it is a really matt colour with slight shimmery pigments which is perfect for smoky eyes.
The white wasn't as good, I think a couple of layers are needed, but if you are just after a light wash of white then this would be fine. But hey, what can you expect for £1?

These two little pots come together, and yes guess what, are only one pound for both of them! They are about the same size as the Barry M pots and a lot cheaper (yes I know Barry M is cheap too!)
So the black is really pigmented, it has a dark base and is packed with shimmer too. 
The pink is soo bright! I don't think I would use it as an eye shadow, but maybe try to mix it with a light colour powder as a really light blush? Both of them have really good staying power! Really good coverage!

That's it for photos and reviews for the Opia make up, but I will tell you about one more product which I absolutely swear by. It is a blusher, but it is a peachy/baby pink colour, and it is perfect to lightly dust over your cheeks and brow bone. I use my Mac 187 Blending brush to blend it in with my regular Blush. But when I was in Primark the other day they didn't have any anywhere! So I'm worried I've told too many people about it and it's all sold out! 


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  1. I really like the pink and the black loose eye shadow. I would definately wear the pink as eye shadow - slash - already have a similar colour and wear it on a regular basis. lol. But I like things bright. Good buys!!!


Much love. x

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