Sunday, 1 March 2009

Teen Vogue

Just a little shout out about one of my favourite magazines (I really should be doing work
Teen Vogue doItalic this thing called "30 Days of Beauty" 
On the first day, there is a quiz which determines what your skin type is, and give you tips on how to deal with it. Signing up is free, and it's cool in the little Teen Vogue way. So sign up! See if you can get any tips for your skin! 

Went out last night, about an hour after my last post, which was about half twelve. I love little random nights. Went out with one of the chicks, Michaela. I got ready while I was waiting for her to pick me up. I committed a cardinal sin last night. DD-Double Denim. I wore a little light coloured denim jacket with a baggy t shirt, and dark denim leggings. It looked ok, it didn't look like I was wrapped in denim or anything. The jacket is cropped, and my white baggy t shirt broke up to blue. So we went out, had a dance, and bumped into my boyfriend. 

THE WORST PHOTO OF ME EVER HAS BEEN PUT ON FACEBOOK. IT IS SO UPSETTING. One guy, one of my boyfriend's best friends is giving me so much grief about it. I'm kind of just like, SHUT THE F-CK UP!! So I didn't really want to stay around them much. There was loads of people out last night who we knew, that's what I kinda love about Liverpool, friendly faces. Michaela lost her phone which was really crap because she's going away on Monday, so won't have much time to sort stuff out for a new phone. So af
ter we'd been out, we basically ended up dropping these random guys off home and got paid 20 quid for it. So funny. One of them gave me, like 14 quid! I was made up!! Mad little random night. The unplanned ones are always the best. I hung up my dancing shoes at about 5 am, and snuggled into an American Apparel hoody and comfy pants, and didn't get up until about 12 :)

I've even started messing about with Garage Band!! 
Oh and I broke a nail last night. It looks so gross and so s
hort. I've had long nails for about 3 months now, natural I'd like to point out, and for all my life I have bitten them and for some reason recently, I just stopped. Now I look at this short thumb nail, and think how did I ever have them this short!? So I need to go and get myself a pack of fake nails just to replace this one. YUCK!! 

Have a good day people. x x x 


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