Saturday, 4 April 2009

Review of Clynol Powder Punch

I got a lovely email last week from Lisa at Immediate PR which is based in London, asking me whether I would review a new product. So here it is.

Taken straight from the press release...
Delivered as a powder, this punchy product is easy to apply onto the hair as once tipped into the hand it transforms into a paste. 
How odd.. a powder that turns into a paste that you put into your hair. Cool, ok, let's see how it goes. So I did what it said and rubbed a little into the palms of my hands, and I don't think it made a liquid, but it definitely became thicker between my hands so I could rub it into my fingers and onto my hair.  
This is how much I used to begin with, just a little, so I could add to it if need be. I found that this was the case and it was better to not use much to begin with and go on to use more and build the product up. Overall, for yesterday's hair do, I didn't use a lot more than this, and my hair stayed in all day, and I was able to boost it a little bit only with my  fingers, as the product was still there. 
You can't really see from this photo but it was the best example to show that the powder gives a matte effect, and gives a lot of non-greasy texture, as some other hair products can. It was easy to style my freshly-washed hair and I twisted little sections outwards from my parting to give it a little volume. I wouldn't have been able to do that if I had only used hairspray on my hair, as it just creates a rock hard layer on top of my head. 
This is a final photo, true, you can't see my hair that clearly, but I really am surprised with this product and I will adapt it into my daily hair routine. I would recommend this to my fellow short-haired girls. It really will add volume to fine hair when worked in through your tresses! 
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