Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My first tag!!!

I feel wanted!! Woo woo!
Tagged by the fabulous bimbo Nadine at Bimbo Beautiful


1) I don't drink alcohol! But that doesn't mean I'm a bore!!! I have more fun than my friends when we go out, and I don't have a hangover! The reason I don't drink is I got diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 19, and when I get drunk, I have a fit. So I tried tried tried to cut alcohol out but just kept getting tempted then having fits. I've cut alcohol out properly since last October(just after my last fit) and I'm going strong! If I don't have a fit for a year, I get my drivers license back!! Plus my mum has promised me a new car!! Woo woo!! Because of this whole epilepsy thing, i've become obsessed with Ian Curtis, Mike Skinner and Ad Rock- All musicians with the condition! 

2) I was in an Oasis tribute band when I was 8! Argh, enough said. Looking back it's either really cool, or really embarrassing... You decide!

3) I was in a Busted video! I'm not saying which one, in case my boyfriend reads this, but yeh, haha how funny. I was obsessed with them. I was actually convinced I was going to marry Charlie. 

4) I'm studying International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Met. This is my third year, which is a placement year. I was working last year for 6 months at Polo Ralph Lauren as a Buyer's Admin Assistant, and when I got back to Liverpool I started a journalism course, as I really want to get into fashion journalism. This course has been so good for me, opened up so many doors. I'm made up I didn't stay down there any longer. Everything happens for a reason!

5) I've got a long scar up the back of my leg! When I was about 8 and was swinging in a tree, and swang right into a rose bush! Ouch! Love war wounds though!

6) I've got two tattoos! One is a song lyric that my brother wrote, and another is the name my granny used to call me when I was little. My next one planned(if I get another) is going to say Happy Valentines Day because my Mum's birthday is 14th February.

7) I've been with my boyfriend for 1 year, 3 months, 27 days and about 11 hours, give or take a few seconds.

I pray he won't find this blog! 

Ok, so I tag
Emma at a Fashion Saga
Sue at the Droll Doll House and

Right so now, here is the 4th photo randomly in the "My Pictures" folder of my mac. It's of me and 3 of my best friends in Benicassim last year. 
So girls do it! Have fun! 
Bon Soir!!



  1. right lauren I now officially love you! That was so nice to read you wee stunner!

    I can't believe your first fact, weldone for staying clear and fingers crossed you make it to next Oct. I am obsessed with Ian Curtis also!

    Love love love xxx

  2. Woo I know how fun we both love ian curtis! xx

  3. Finally done it now hun! Sorry it's been FOREVER lol xx

  4. Which Busted video?! Haha you gotta love a bit of Busted. We dooooo at Wardrobe :)
    Also L.O.V.E Oasis. Went to see them in July before they split, sad times. Don't be embarassed- i used to pretend to be Liam Gallagher, singing and snarling into my hairbrush *cringe*

    Sunny (wardrobe) x


Much love. x

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