Thursday, 17 September 2009

Schwarzkopf Review

This review is long over due but I’ve had so much going on over the past week or so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to write. I’ve only had chance to read through my favourite blogs really.

Lisa from Immediate PR emailed me asking if I would like to do a review of the NEW BC HAIRTHERAPY from Schwarzkopf and of course, I said yes.

This is a new range that is being launched with the idea in mind that people need to treat their hair with the same love they treat their skin, by using Amino Cell Rebuild technology to build up the hair’s inner cell architecture to restore the hair to it’s natural state.

I got sent three products in a lovely big box. It was like a super early Christmas present. I also got an apple-flavoured lollipop along with it, all which was polished off within about 10 minutes of receiving the package.

So I received the following products:

Volume Boost Shampoo and Conditioner for fine hair


Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

So first off the Volume Boost Shampoo and Conditioner made my hair smell absolutely amazing.

I asked to review this because my hair is pretty thin at the moment. Because I’m growing it, and it started off as a pixie cut, you can imagine how short my hair is.

I blow dry my hair and put two rollers in the front of my hair everyday do try and give it the boost I really want. The shampoo and conditioner actually helped. I felt I didn’t need as much hair spray as usual to give my hair that bounce which is pretty good.

So before drying my hair, I worked the Repair Rescue through it, as this is supposed to seal the ends of my hair, preventing split ends, or helping to fix them if you have any to start off with.

Luckily, because I don’t used straighteners my hair isn’t in too bad a condition, but I felt the Repair Rescue has given my hair a little bit more strength and my mum said that it has never looked more healthy.

I would recommend these products to people, especially to my friends who straighten their hair every day.

For more information on the new range go to either

or contact Lisa at Immediate PR on


  1. My hair is pretty ruiend from all the colours i have so i cant wait to see what you make of it.

    Also im going to Liverpool next weekend so if you could recomend any good Indie Clubs that would be great

    Peace & Love xx

  2. Hiya Chick!
    Get involved with these products they are lovely!
    Ok so get yourself down to the following -
    Heebie Jeebies,
    The Masque/Ink (opening this weekend)
    The Peacock..
    Oh if you're here on friday, Le Bateau.
    Woop! x


Much love. x

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