Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ultimate Party Line Up



Friday, 27 November 2009

Wit Woo! Liverpool Fashion Bloggers Unite at the Whistles Launch!

So last week, I was lucky enough to have been invited to the launch of the brand new Whistles in Liverpool1, by Gemma from Mercy.

Whistles has had a bit of a revamp ever since Jane Shepherdson joined the team, and completely turned the brand around.

There are some seriously lovely pieces, and the store completely reflects the new feel of the brand.

And who did I bump into there?

None other than Alex from FollyFashion!

Liverpool Fashion Bloggers were united, with Alex, Matt Ford and myself all together all under one roof!

Benna Harry, Kirsty Doyle and Jane Shepherdson

Sadly Matt and I didn't get a photo together, but here is me and Alex.

Pop in and get your Christmas outfit from there, I will probably try to convince my Mum to do the same for me.


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dream a little dream of me.

Last Saturday, I went to a Christmas fair in Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, which is the most amazing building, and the fifth largest Cathedral in the world, don't you know.

There were a few installations where you could participate and have a little go at activities which were dotted around the font.

One of them was to write on a Post-It note a little message for the next person to read.

I wrote, If you believe in yourself, you can make your dreams come true.

Later that day, I got to thinking about my dreams...

1) I'd love IRONIC FASHION to become a well known and respected Blog.
I see the success of certain Bloggers, and I'm like, that is what I want. I put a lot of effort into this, because I love it, so I hope that one day it will all pay off.

2) I'd love to be asked to go to fashion week to Blog about the shows.
I would be so flattered; it would be amazing.

3) Become a professional writer.
I'd love to write for Vogue. Maybe a little bit extreme, but I've already had an email from them about going for an internship in New York, so here's hoping in 10 years or so...

4) Live in New York
Well, Brooklyn actually. I'd love to live there. I want to find a really cute apartment in a Brownstone with a stoop and big windows with a tree outside.

That's all for now I guess. I'd also love to be rich enough to buy whatever clothes I want... But what girl doesn't.



Sunday, 22 November 2009

Scratch That. is back.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hey y'all.

I changed the blog URL, I'm not actually sure why, but it kind of makes more sense.

So just to let you know, it's now

I honestly went to type littlesaintbride then but I remembered just in time.



Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I'd love to only dress in black and white



Little Saint Thoughts...

You know, no matter how cool somebody comes across on their blog, they've always got an "inner-geek" thing.

I love it.

Mine is being an Internet-meff.

What's yours?

EDIT: I've thought of a couple more.

1) Being a music geek and knowing really weird things about songs
2) Being a weirdo and learning about the history of Liverpool.

If you do only one thing today

Please can it be to vote for me to go to London Fashion Week?

Pretty please?


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Closet Fashion Assistant.

Blogger is being a bit of a pain, and half the tool bar seems to have disappeared. Otherwise, I would have uploaded my episode.

For the time being, here are some pics that were taken during the day.


G is for Goth


Things that make me happy

A good cup of tea

Seeing an old Sex and the City that I haven't watched for ages

Going Bingo with the girls

Reading Post Secret every Sunday

My Mum



Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

The whole film is a delight to watch.

Literally, a treat for the eyes.

The colours, the character, the patterns, the cinematography...

You'll fall in love with Lily Cole that little bit more.


New York Booked for February 2010

Plus, some potentially V exciting New York related news... But I'm keeping that quiet until I know more.


Monday, 9 November 2009

Wednesday, 4 November 2009





Dotty Ps get involved

Hey girls,

Hope you are all well!

Just thought I'd let you know that Dorothy Perkins have just recently launched their own fashion blog and kindly asked me to be a contributor. Exciting.

So here is the link, have a little look, and check out the first post about the most amazing necklace.

Imagine the scene; black t-shirt dress, leather jacket and this little beauty.
Get involved at

Monday, 2 November 2009

Little Monday Catch up

Happy November!

How are we 11 months into this year? This has possibly been the fastest year of life and potentially the most exciting and opportunity filled!

So the weather is pretty nice today; windy but blue skies are perforated with white fluffy clouds.

Anyway, enough of pretending I'm an English Lit student.

So, on Thursday, I went to the Ballet to see Giselle. It was beautiful, but to be honest I wasn't paying attention.

Not because I was bored, but because I was filming for The Closet the next day and I was trying to think of things to say.

Well, it went well, but I was sososososo nervous, and I think that would be nervous in the first few takes but I got into it and was more relaxed after that, and really enjoyed it!

I saw like one moment of it on camera, and "Hello stocky legs!"

Anyway, some rather very cute exciting news.

We got new puppies!

(One has just done a tiny wee as I am typing.)

Anyway, they are called Cocobear and Lola McBride and they are Lhasa Apsos and apsolutely fabulous. Get it?

I will get a good photo of them for you, but when I installed Snow Leopard on my Mac, (I previously had Tiger - my MacBook is going on 4 years old) iPhoto seemed to delete itself; luckily the photos stayed put, but I have no place to upload photos to, and I refuse to settle for Picasa.

So I am puppysitting when I am not in Uni, and we have an open house of visitors coming to see them!

Hope you had a happy Halloween. I went to a pool party but conveniently forgot my bikini, so I could only paddle.

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