Friday, 4 December 2009

Liverpool December Parties

Hey girly goos and guys!

Sorry I have been a bit lame on the blogging front of recent times, I've been super duper busy with all sorts of craic.

This past week has been pretty busy in the Liverpool Social Calendar with all sorts of parties and store openings going on.

So first off, I told you all about the lovely new Whistles store opening in Peters Arcade in Liverpool One, which I have visited several times since the party, and keep lovingly looking at the Roksanda Ilinic collection, including an unbelievable leather dress with roses all over it.

Next up was the Cricket Christmas party at The Noble House which is an amazing new restaurant in Liverpool. It was such a nice night, Kirsty and I went along for a drink later on after a couple of hours of panic trying to squeeze into outfits we could find in the shop. It was like stepping into a wardrobe of Balenciaga, YSL and Balmain.

Also this week was the opening party for the new HUGE Habitat in Liverpool one which is amazing. So many lovely things; perfect for Christmas presents for your Mum or Auntie.

But parties aside, I'm busy scribbling and typing Uni essays, and more pieces for my pages in Select Magazine which is available at various locations across Liverpool, or you can check it out at



  1. awwwh, I wish I had as many exciting events to go to!

  2. I went to the habitat opening - can't go wrong with mini fish and chips, champagne and mini desserts! Yum! I'm moving back into Liverpool in a week - above L1 Starbucks/opposite New Look so no doubt I'll be buying all kinds of crap I 'need' from there for the flat! :) x


Much love. x

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